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adjusting planter closing wheels
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Aligning and Adjusting Your Closing Wheels

The closing system at the back of your planter's row units is a key factor in getting good crop emergence. Once the seeds are placed in the furrow, it’s important that the closing system is in proper condition to close the furrow with good seed-to-soil contact. The Planter Maintenance series is brought to you by Precision Planting.

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Adjusting Equipment for Tough Corn Stalks

Minnesota grower Ed McNamara explains how the turbo coulter on his planter does a better job of cutting through corn residue and preventing residue from hairpinning, as well as how the Calmer BT Chopper rolls prevent tire damage from tough corn stalks and aids in faster residue breakdown.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

No-Till Is An Easier Way To Plant

In addition to reducing erosion on highly erodible soils, long-time northern Indiana no-tillers have found that two properly equipped planters and a self-propelled sprayer make them highly effective.
There’s a lot of highly erodible land and many small fields in LaGrange County, Ind.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

No-Till Slashes Costs, Helps You Expand

After economics got this father-and-son team into no-till, they found many other benefits.
When you look at our operation today, it’s difficult to believe that my dad, Eugene Berry, was a big fan of moldboard plowing. In fact, I even bought a new tractor and plow myself as recently as 1985. We were still plowing corn stalks, chiseling and field cultivating soybean ground until 1990.
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No-Till Online

Planter Adjustments, Interseeding Keep No-Tillers Busy

Find out more about these topics or start a debate of your own at
Turning your original no-till planter into something that better fits your specific cropping needs was a hot topic on the No-Till Farmer Farmer’s Forum message board recently. Also, veteran no-tillers hit the keyboards to voice their opinions about one farmer’s interseeding concerns and another no-tiller’s questions about his White 5100 planter.
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