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Seed Precision Takes Profitability To A New Level

Technologies that place seed in the ideal location eliminate waste,maximize production and make costly seed perform efficiently.
Today, there’s a lot of incentive to get the right seed in the right place with the right inputs so it can produce to its maximum potential. Seed costs are soaring due to new in-plant technologies and hungry new mouths are born every second.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

No-Till Is An Easier Way To Plant

In addition to reducing erosion on highly erodible soils, long-time northern Indiana no-tillers have found that two properly equipped planters and a self-propelled sprayer make them highly effective.
There’s a lot of highly erodible land and many small fields in LaGrange County, Ind.
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Get Up And Get Growing

Dean James uses shorter maturity crops and a stripped-down planter to get more acres of cereal rye cover planted earlier and faster.
Trouble establishing a stand before winter is perhaps one of the biggest reasons some no-tillers steer clear of nutrient-recycling, organic-matter-building cover crops.
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11 Things He’s Learned About Strip-Till

20 years after inventing the Corn Belt’s version of the strip-till rig, Richard Follmer shares a few of the practice’s advantages and must-do tips and techniques.
If you haven't heard of Richard Follmer, just know that you've probably used a version of his invention if you've used a strip-till unit recently. The owner of Progressive Farm Products in Hudson, Ill., invented the midmount, dual-placement strip-till toolbar that is being used by thousands of Corn Belt farmers.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

An Advocate Of More Conservation With No-Till

Ray McCormick wants to encourage more no-till farming and preservation of natural resources, while pushing up productivity.
Nothing pays better than conservation. That's the motto and mission of McCormick Farms, Inc. We run a diverse operation that has been farmed by multiple generations of our family in the Wabash Valley of southwestern Indiana and southeastern Illinois.
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