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Rising Input Costs Concerning No-Tillers

With crop input costs likely to soar again in 2009, a major worry among no-tillers is whether grain prices will continue to remain high.
Even with many new cost-cutting cropping developments, no-tillers are definitely worried about having to deal with increasing input costs in 2009.
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Combating Skyrocketing Costs

Nobody has to explain why keeping costs under control should be a major priority during the coming growing season. With prices of everything from seed to fertilizer to pesticides to equipment on the upswing, it’s critical to do everything possible to keep your costs in line.
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Purchasing A Sprayer: Demystifying The Payback

Because many farmers have relied on custom applicators, justifying a sprayer investment is a new exercise. Here are some considerations, and tools, to help make an informed decision.
Unlike many pieces of farm equipment, a sprayer is not something that Dad or Granddad absolutely had to buy. When spraying became common to cropping operations, there was an opportunity to outsource it to a custom applicator and avoid tying up the capital and adding to the responsibilities of the already over-worked farmer.
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This Is An Opportune Time To Consider Farm Innovations

Many costs are on the rise, but increasing farm prices also provide revenue for implementing new technologies that can improve no-till operations, efficiency and profits.
It’s times like these when the sticker shock of rising costs combined with the opportunities presented by rising prices leads resourceful growers to take a new look at the way they run their operations. New and innovative technologies available today can help you reduce the use of materials and take fuller advantage of the assets you already have.
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