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“If you push nitrogen, the wheat goes down. It not only hurts you in the wheat yield, but it's killing your double crop yields because you've got to plant through all that straw…” — Mark Chapman

Every no-till system is different, a fact that becomes really clear at every gathering of the annual National No-Tillage Conference where no-tillers come together to learn about new practices and share ideas and experiences with one another.

At the 2020 National No-Tillage Conference, we asked a few no-tillers who didn’t know one another to meet up and swap stories and perspectives on their operations. Hailing from west-central Illinois, southern Indiana and western Kentucky, the three no-tillers are all corn and soybean growers but they have distinctly different approaches to their no-till operations.

In this podcast, we hear from veteran no-tiller Mark Chapman, who systematically refines his operation with efficiency as one of his main drivers; Andrew Reuschel, who was a speaker at the 2020 conference, and says his system is guided by his profitable use of soil-building cover crops; and Alan Smock, who runs a demonstration farm on the rolling ground of a university campus and is always looking for ways to prevent further erosion and nutrient loss. 







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