Praxidyn's Mixmate Super Stack Automated Chemical Blending and Record Keeping System is designed with 14 product inputs to give operators the lowest cost per product connection. The Super Stack can also connect to several customer’s products so commercial applicators can track the usage for each customer easily.

The Super Stack uses gear type flowmeters that come calibrated and do not need additional calibrations for each product. The meters are rated at +/- 0.5% error.

The Super Stack can be combined with other Mixmate system components to blend multiple high volume products like liquid fertilizers and smaller volumes through a Mixmate inductor for dry flowables and jugs. The Mixmate inductors offer the industry’s only automated measurements and fast processes for jugs. Dry flowable products are easily handled in the Mixmate inductors. Bags of AMS can be added in continuous mode and the odd amounts and small quantities of dry flowables can be accurately weighed into the mix.

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