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NACHURS Balance™

• Balanced NPK containing boron, cobalt, and molybdenum

• Designed specifically for foliar spraying soybeans, peanuts, and sugar beets

• Formulated for maximum herbicide compatibility

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NACHURS First Down™

• Latest product development powered by Bio-K®, offering excellent storability and a boost of K

• Low salt, 100% orthophosphate specifically designed for corn and wheat

• Quick and uniform plant emergence, ultimately results in maximizing yield potential

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NACHURS imPulse®

• Powered by NACHURS® Bio-K® technology 

• Provides quick and uniform plant emergence 

• Improved early season plant health 

• Maximizes yield potential 

• Specially formulated for corn and wheat

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Midwest Bio-Tech Chandler Biocat 1000

Recycle valuable nutrients from your crop residue with Chandler Biocat 1000 from Midwest Bio-Tech. Biocat 1000 is an enzyme-based liquid sprayed directly on residue in spring or fall. The product multiplies the beneficial microbes that decompose stalks and release nutrients for the next crop. Biocat 1000 is tank-mix compatible with most liquid fertilizers and pesticides for one-pass application. Recent on-farm tests show that Biocat 1000 applied to corn stalks releases additional NPK and sulfur valued at more than $60 per acre. Chandler Biocat 1000 also decays dormant seeds to reduce volunteer corn and weed pressure before the next season.

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The Andersons New Season Pass Formulations

Two new Season Pass® formulations are now available from The Andersons. These formulations incorporate MicroCarb ZMB, one of The Andersons’ most popular and proven MicroSolutions® products. With the addition of carbon and other essential nutrients to Season Pass and Season Pass Plus, these formulations are ideal to be placed directly on or near the seed of the corn plant. The addition of carbon increases soil cation exchange capacity, improving nutrient availability. Season Pass with MicroCarb ZMB and Season Pass Plus with MicroCarb ZMB encourage quicker crop emergence, growth, crop maturity and dry down. Click here for additional information on the new Season Pass with MicroCarb ZMB formulations.

The Andersons offers three base grades for low-salt starters: Diamond (100% orthophosphate), GoldStart (80/20 ortho/poly) and Premium (50/50 ortho/poly). These grades provide varying orthophosphate content, allowing growers to choose the product that best fits their no-till fertility and investment needs.

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The Andersons Starter Additives

Enhance the genetic potential of your seeds and promote microbial activity in the seed furrow by including an additive with your low-salt starter this season. With many options available, The Andersons is excited to showcase three additive products — MicroCarb ZMB™, Korrect™ and Sweet ‘N Eezy™.

MicroCarb ZMB is for farmers looking for the benefits of fulvic acid who need additional zinc, manganese and boron. Korrect is a potassium acetate-based product that shines when there is a lack of available potassium. Sweet ‘N Eezy™ is a proprietary liquid sugar blend that helps enhance the natural bacterial activity in the soil.

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BRANDT EnzUp® is a revolutionary new enzyme technology that boosts soil health, organic matter and soil activity. The patent pending chemistry stays active in the soil for up to six weeks and used at planting to help get the plants off to a strong, fast start. Growers are seeing yield bumps of up to 15% and increased plant health, strength and stalk diameter.

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Kugler KQ-XRN®

Kugler KQ-XRN® is very compatible with most insecticides, herbicides and fungicides — making it The Perfect Delivery System™ for providing a powerful combination of crop protection and fertility in one application. You make better use of your time, labor and spray equipment. Kugler KQ-XRN can replace water as the carrier for crop protection chemicals — giving the crops a fertility boost while you apply the other inputs your crop needs.

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