FT. PAYNE, Ala. — To help grow the next generation of regenerative farmers and ranchers, the non-profit Soil Health Academy (SHA) has launched its “NextGen|ReGen” web donation platform and campaign, SHA President David Brandt announced today.

“Increasingly, consumers are asking what can they do to help farmers and ranchers implement soil health-focused regenerative agriculture practices,” Brandt said. “Now, through our ‘NextGen|ReGen’ campaign, anyone can make a donation — big or small — to help SHA provide farmers with the knowledge, skills, confidence and support to grow healthier soil, healthier food, healthier communities and a healthier planet.”

SHA’s on-farm schools feature instruction by Gabe Brown, Allen Williams, Ph.D., Ray Archuleta, Shane New and other technical consultants, all of whom are widely considered to be among the most preeminent pioneers, innovators and advocates in today’s soil health and regenerative agricultural movement.

Last year, according to Brandt, nearly 500 farmers and ranchers from a dozen countries were graduates of SHA’s regenerative agriculture schools and 82 scholarships were provided to qualifying farmer/rancher attendees. The organization is looking to expand that program and other supporting activities through individual and organizational donations generated by the new campaign.

“In addition to helping fund SHA’s scholarship programs, donations to the organization will support and expand our follow-up mentoring and educational programs, as well as our on-going curriculum development efforts,” Brandt said.

“Transitioning from input-intensive conventional agriculture to the soil health-improving regenerative model is a journey that takes time and, often, follow-up technical advice and support,” he said. “Many farmers and ranchers find tremendous value in having access to SHA’s cadre of experts as they make that transition.”

For more information regarding “NextGen|ReGen” and the Soil Health Academy’s line-up of upcoming schools, visit www.soilhealthacademy.org .