This page lists material that supplements the November 2019 issue of No-Till Farmer.

Stirring Up Biological Benefits with a Unique Manure Mix

Video: Stirring Up Biological Benefits with a Unique Manure Mix

Building Resilience in Your No-Till Soils

Podcast: Jamie Patton, senior outreach specialist for the nutrient and pest management program for the University of Wisconsin, shares her insights on sequestering carbon in the soil and the impact microbes, fungi, and organic matter have on the soil microbiome.

Guy Swanson and the Yielder Drill

Podcast: Frank Lessiter talks with Guy about how the Yielder drill came to be and the role the CRP played in its eventual decline, why Guy advocates long crop rotations, the advantages of no-till and more.

Your Chance to Drive Conversation on Water Technology

Blog: Senior Editor John Dobberstein highlights the Kansas Water Office (KWO) program, a public-private partnership that demonstrates irrigation technology, research and management techniques geared toward expanding the conversation about water conservation in areas overlying the depleting Ogallala Aquifer and water quality protection in the Equus Beds Aquifer region.

Reports of Dicamba Damage Higher than Last Year

Comments: No-Till Farmer Editor, Frank Lessiter, shared a perspective from University of Illinois weed scientist Aaron Hager that expressed disbelief about alleged causes of soybean leaf cupping that Hager believes to be due to dicamba damage. Here is an excerpt from one reader’s comment.