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DigiFarm VBN

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DigiFarm VBN is a privately-owned, sub-inch, RTK GPS network founded in 2010. DigiFarm’s network has grown to serve the primary agricultural regions of North America, including 36 States and Provinces covering over 450 million acres. DigiFarm is compatible with ALL GPS rovers & receivers, including John Deere, making DigiFarm a true one stop shop for all your cellular GPS corrections, data plans, and hardware. Visit one of our participating Dealers or for your VBN Subscription!

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Ag Express® Electronics Featuring Digi-Star® Indicators

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You know us for our custom harnesses and repair services, but did you know we also carry Digi-Star indicators, load cells, and weigh beams? Visit us at the Farm Progress Show for a demo!

  • EZ400: Basic scale for compact spaces — ideal for grain carts, seeders bale processors, cornstalk balers, forage balers, and in-cab applications
  • GT465: ISOBUS compatible grain cart interface system with automatic field recording and management benefits
  • GT560: An easy retrofit for any scale-equipped grain cart

Ag Express® Electronics is the leading provider of service, repair, and support in precision ag, serving all of North America from locations in Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana.

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The Ferri TM46 Boom Mower is ideal for clearing vegetation and maintaining the grass in ditches along roadsides and farm fields. It is well-suited to mow around ponds and trim tree branches.

The TM46 is a self-contained 3-point hitch mower with a reach of 15 feet, 3 inches. The TM46 comes standard with cable controls or the optional Electra joystick control. It is designed to be mounted to tractors in the 50-70 horsepower range.

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The Martin-Till WTS (Weight Transfer System)

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Excess weight in the center of a planter or improper weight distribution often leads to yield- robbing compaction, shallow or inconsistent planting, and reduced plant vigor. In addition, the natural reduction in weight that occurs during planting contributes to the problem of down force fluctuations that can negatively impact the accuracy of seed and fertilizer placement. Irregular soil tilth, wet conditions and bumpy or rolling terrain can also wreak havoc with planting accuracy, resulting in uneven emergence and inconsistent stands.

Martin Industries’ innovative new Martin-Till Weight Transfer System (WTS) addresses this weight problem by redistributing excess weight from the center of the planter to the wings. Keeping the wings level and the row units in the ground will keep planting depth consistent through changing conditions.

Benefits of the Martin-Till WTS include:

  • An in-cab control box which allows for easy adjustment as you plant
  • The patented bolt-on bracket design requires no welding and is easy to install
  • The hydraulic control kit provides durable and quick adjustment
  • The mounting bracket allows for frame-mount nitrogen coulter installation

The Martin-Till WTS will be released at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Il., this August 27-29 and will be available for 12- and 16-row 1770/1790 Model John Deere planters for the 2020 planting season.

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Weatherproof Your Harvest with Soucy International Inc.

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Difficult harvesting conditions and bad weather can wipe out months of work. Lodging, deterioration of quality, yield loss, wasted time: costs add up quickly. The enormous footprint of the S-TECH 1000X helps equipment move through even the most waterlogged fields, guaranteeing to harvest when the time is right. Even the heaviest combines can work without risk of getting stuck. When the time comes to move from one field to another, speeds reach of up to 17.5 MPH to maximize time in the field. The simplified maintenance of the S-TECH 1000X means less downtime. Weatherproof your harvest with the S-TECH 1000X.

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Steerable Track Kits from Gramlow Ltd.

Steerable track kits from Gramlow Ltd. will minimize pinch rows and keep your planter tracking straight. Complete bolt-on kits are simple to install right on the farm by the farmer. Tracks offer more than double the footprint of your 4 tires and only leave two tracks through the field. They will sometimes make up 4 times the surface area of the 4 tires on your planter. Use the steerable axle with GPS guided implement steering to keep your planter directly on top of strip-till strips, or keep guest rows perfect for post-emerge chemical or fertilizer application without driving on the rows. Axle spacing and track width options available to get you the kit that fits your needs.

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Galileo Cupwheel

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Galileo Wheel developers of the revolutionary and innovative CupWheel tire technology that combines both advantages of radial off-road tires and tracks.

The Galileo CupWheel features include:

  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Larger footprint with uniform load distribution
  • Increased traction for enhanced productivity and energy savings
  • Run-flat capability! Ensuring zero downtime to finish the days’ work
  • Vastly improved comfort and safety
  • Enhanced lateral stability, improving steering action and performance on slopes

The Galileo CupWheel is the perfect solution to get the most out of you work day.

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Fastline Media Group

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Fastline Media Group has grown from a traditional print catalog to a full-service digital and data-centered operation with over 40-years experience serving the agriculture industry. We produce 22 farm industry catalogs, Big Ag and Pink Tractor audience-specific magazines, and Fastline Fast Track media across the United States. In addition, we provide marketing and business intelligence to agriculture and related industries.

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Poly Tech Industries, Inc. Stubble Stopper

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Protect your tracks or tires from today’s tougher hybrid stalks. Poly Tech developed the Stubble Stopper to be the lightest and most durable unit on the market. At 22 lbs. per row they are 50% to 60% lighter than other models. The Stubble Stopper Features a 10” wide by ½” thick Poly Last™ UHMW shoe mounted to a flexible spring and brackets using simple pin locations and polyurethane bumpers for easy height adjustment. The shoe assembly easily flips up for transport.

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Incite® from McFarlane

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Every farmer knows that no two fields are alike. Especially when it comes to the appropriate tillage tool in the spring or fall. That is why McFarlane Ag Manufacturing has developed the Incite®. The Incite is a universal tillage tool providing flexibility for all field conditions to create a perfect spring seedbed and cut tough stalks in the fall. The disk gang, reel, and residue-reducing Incizor® blades are adjusted with a single hand crank to make this tool a time saver when you are in the field. Get more out of your tillage tool with the Incite from McFarlane.

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New Roller Guides and Short Guards Improve the Easy Cut II Cutterbar System Even More

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Group Schumacher understands the importance of having a superior cutting system, which is why they announced two new improvements on the SCH Easy Cut II Cutterbar System. The new SCH top and bottom roller guides allow more flexibility on the platform while decreasing the likelihood of material buildup around the rollers. As before, they continue to reduce the friction on the knifeback and allows the knife to run more smoothly. It also results in less knife load and power requirements for the knife drive or wobble box.

The new short SCH EasyCut guards improve crop flow in no-till soybeans. They are recommended for flex grain platforms. To see a video of the EasyCut II cutterbar in action, click here.

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Farmers Agree: The Tailboard Trash Blower Tube is a Very Affordable Difference Maker!

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No more daily tailboard cleaning! The Tailboard Trash Blower Tube keeps crop residue from accumulating on the combine tailboard. Since the tube is slotted to direct air across the tailboard, the tailboard stays clean at all times. The Tailboard Trash Blower Tube was tested, by the manufacturer, as supplying 26 MPH wind at center of the tailboard compared to 0-5 MPH without.

  • Keeps the tailboard free of trash, dirt and dust
  • Eliminates daily cleaning and fire hazards
  • Installs in minutes, without any drilling or cutting
  • For John Deere Combines Series S550, S650, S660, S670, S680, S690, S760, S770, S780, S790

To see two short videos of the Tailboard Trash Blower Tube explained and in action, please visit the S.I. Distributing Harvesting Innovations YouTube Channel by clicking here.

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