ARDEN HILLS, Minn. — WinField United improved the integration and accessibility of on-farm data through the recent addition of John Deere to its Answer Tech Data Silo, the company’s cloud-based data-management system. Answer Tech Data Silo can be used for secure data storage as well as with other tools to leverage farmer data, making that data work harder and allowing farmers to take their operations to the next level.

This integration lets farmers who use the built-in technology found in Deere equipment to filter that information to the Data Silo, where it is securely stored and can be used with various downstream tools. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, so farmers can have their planting and as-applied data flow seamlessly and populate the tools that bring them insights.

For example, farmers using the John Deere Operations Center can feed all of that data into the Data Silo. Then, this data automatically flows into downstream tools like the WinField United R7 Tool, which can send it to other WinField United tools such as the R7 Field Forecasting Tool and the R7 Field Monitoring Tool to evaluate in-season weather and moisture conditions.

All farmers who do business with a retailer that is affiliated with WinField United have access to Data Silo.

Tied into Answer Plot data

For corn growers, having planting data and information about a hybrid automatically entered allows them to cross-check it with Answer Plot data to determine that hybrid’s response-to-fungicide or response-to-nitrogen scores. If during the season farmers have disease or insect outbreaks, or if tissue samples in a particular region are trending behind on nitrogen, their agronomists can inform them of field needs and the opportunity they have to remedy problems and optimize their return on investment.