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Yetter Farm Equipment 5000 Stalk Devastator™

The 5000 Stalk Devastator™ prevents damage to tires and tracks on equipment, saving the big expense of replacing tires. The spring loaded rollers underneath the corn head that utilize formed rebar with traction bar to knock over, crimp and crush stalks to open when rolling through the field resulting in faster microbial breakdown that leads to improved field and spring planting conditions.

The Devastator leaves the stalks attached, preserving the residue cover and keeping it in place during high winds, protecting against erosion. It is quick and easy to install with mounting kits available for many different corn head models including the NEW design for chopping and 20 inch corn heads.

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Fantini Headers by Hamilton Systems

Hamilton System, Inc. in Drayton, N.D., is the North American Distributor of the Fantini Corn and Sunflower Header. Both the L03 Corn and the G03 Sunflower heads have a simple, high efficiency, low-maintenance PTO-driven gearbox, which eliminates slippage and power loss even in the most trying conditions. These heads are built with a solid one-piece frame and tubular steel construction that will withstand the harshest field conditions. Available in models from four to 18 rows, they adapt to any combine and come with a 4-year warranty on the transmission units.

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Group Schumacher EasyCut II Cutting Systems

More efficient harvesting starts here!

The SCH Easy Cut II cutting system is essential for successful combining and is deployed around the world for efficient harvesting of cereals, soybeans, rice and other crops. The Easy Cut system stands for exceptional stability, reliability, long life, excellent cutting force, quiet running and enables maximum performance from your combine harvester. All parts are bolted for easy handling and replacement and will fit common cutter bar designs.

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Capello Headers

The Capello QUASAR corn head, known for low maintenance and high-efficiency performance, are available in nearly any row or spacing configuration possible, both rigid and folding.

The GLADIATOR is a machine designed to conquer any cornfield regardless of row spacing, planting direction or split/twin row applications.

Designed to fit nearly any self-propelled forage harvester in the world, the Capello SPARTAN is the perfect solution for direct-cut feed crops (greenchop).

A platform header designed to be used independent of row spacings, the Capello HELIANTHUS harvests any crop planted in any arrangement, including solid-seed.

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Drago Series II and Drago GT

Every combine yields more with a Drago leading the way. Nearly 60 percent of the potential yield lost at harvest is at the corn head*. No wonder why producers are choosing the proven Drago Series II with automatic self-adjusting deck plates and the Drago GT now with QuadSuspension™ integrated deck plate “ear shocks” for their farms. Along with components like the self-adjusting deck plates and “ear shocks”, Drago heads have overlapping gathering chains and longer knife rollers to help capture more corn. No other corn head works like a Drago – or pays you back like one.
*Field research, Iowa State University

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CropScan 3300H On Combine Grain Analyzer

The CropScan 3300H On Combine Analyzer measures in Protein, Oil, Starch, Fibre and Moisture as grain is harvested in the field. The CropScan 3300H includes a ruggedized NIR analyser, a Remote Sampling Head and a Touch Screen Display. The system provides farmers with

  • Real-time Field Maps for Protein, Moisture and Oil
  • Segregate and store grain in the field or on farm
  • Grain Logistics Software with a Blending Estimator to optimize crop payments
  • Accurate Moisture Measurements. Start Earlier…Finish Later
  • Nutrient Management: Optimize the Yield in the Field

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Crary Air Reel™ and Wind System™

Harness the power of air to add more bushels to your hopper and money in your pocket!  Regardless if you have chest high beans or beans barely off the ground, Crary® offers two solutions that add a constant stream of high velocity air which quickly feeds crop back to the auger or draper eliminating bunching, reduces shatter loss and increases your ground speed.  Don’t let crop conditions dictate your yield.  Check out the Crary Air Reel™ or Wind System™ today!

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