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Calmer BT Chopper® Replacement Stalk Rolls

Calmer’s BT Chopper® Replacement Stalk Rolls utilize a patented revolving open window with 10 razor sharp knives that chop, cut and shear cornstalks into confetti!

Residue management advantages of the BT Chopper® include:

  • Superior residue to soil contact in the fall
  • Warmer, dryer seed beds in the spring
  • Exploded stalk stubs and pith exposure for faster decomposition and higher earthworm populations

Call today at 309-629-9000 to register for our upcoming Field Days taking place throughout the months of July and August!

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AWS: Advanced Wind-Reel Systems

There is no need to replace your existing factory reel to gain the benefits of harvesting with air. The simple, removable out-front AWS manifold locates nozzles between the reel fingers and is available for all types and styles of headers. Making use of your existing factory reel, the AWS manifold affects the crop ahead of the knife, greatly enhancing wind-reel effectiveness. In dry conditions, where excessive mechanical reel shatter loss is prevalent, the AWS mounts allow the finger reel to be raised out of the crop, allowing the air to continue feeding the crop into the head.

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Bestway Retriever® Self Loading Trailer

The Retriever® Self Loading Trailer features a self-contained hydraulic lift system that allows one truck and operator to pick up and transport combine heads (up to 45 ft. and beyond) as well as 3-point mounted equipment (up to 54 ft.) without the need for a combine, forklift or tractor to assist. The Retriever SLT increases the efficiency of farm equipment dealers by reducing manpower and equipment. The operator simply backs up to the head, lifts the load with the head adapter, rotates the load lengthwise, secures load and drives away. Unloading is just as easy, a one man operation. The Retriever SLT works with draper, corn and grain heads and allows servicing of the heads while on the trailer. A low interest lease program is available to farm equipment dealers.

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Kaler Farms Corn Stalk Guide

The patented Corn Stalk Guide by Kaler Farms is attached to the snout above the front of the gathering chain and idler sprocket to guide the corn stalks more smoothly past the sprocket and chain to the cutter bar. This helps decrease the shaking and throwing of the ears before they reach the deck plate, putting more corn in the combine and leaving less corn on the ground. Combining in standing rows or in less-than-ideal rows, the operator using the aftermarket attachment will be able to maneuver headlands, corners, and not-so-straight rows more efficiently.

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Harvestec 6000 Cornado Series Corn Headers

Harvestec offers the 6000 Cornado series corn headers in 20-, 22-, 27.6- and 30-row spacings from 6 to 16 rows wide. Known for their industry-leading stalk chopping that chops stalks into 2-inch to 3-inch residue pieces while harvesting at speeds up to 7.5 mph. This eliminates extra tillage passes normally required to break down residue from today’s high yielding hybrid corn varieties, putting more money in producer’s pockets. The 8 pinch points on the 6000 series snapping rolls take in less trash and can produce smaller residue pieces than most competitors that just use 4 pinch points.

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Allochis North America Aluminum Corn Heads

Allochis North America Aluminum Corn Heads (formerly Tango4) are the lightest corn head on the market. Since being introduced in 1997, these heads have consistently grown market share around the world. Less soil compaction, more rows with less weight, easier on your combine and less passes across the field are just a few of the advantages of the Allochis Aluminum Corn Head. Row widths of 15, 18, 20, 22 and 30 in. are available up to 24 rows. Kits to fit most all combines. There is also a steel corn head, which is price-competitive to anyone.

To locate your closest dealer, contact Sam Lawson or call 270-535-0875 today to locate a head for you.


MDD-100 Row Independent Corn Head

The MDD-100 available in the US and Canada through North American distributor, Craig Yeager, is the only truly row-independent corn head without adjustments or modifications available on the market today:

  • Any row spacing
  • Any crop conditions — even down crops
  • Without ground seed restrictions
  • Solution to misaligned rows
  • Reduce harvest loss on overlapped headlines
  • Harvest every direction to maximize productivity

Order the MDD-100 Row Independent Corn Head before the 2015 harvest by contacting Craig Yeager by email or by phone 306-682-5888.


Polytin™ from VH Mfg., Inc.

  • VH MFG., Inc., for all of your harvest equipment repair needs!
  • VH MFG., Inc., is the manufacturer of Polytin™, which is a plastic corn head replacement for existing steel inner and outer gathers for all makes of corn and bean heads.
  • VH MFG., Inc., also has a large selection of inventory of concaves, corn head parts, Ausherman & OEM raspbars, JD stalk rolls, IH rotor blades, feeder house rollers, tubes, augers, auger trough liners, poly skid shoe kits, deck plates and much more for a variety of makes and models.
  • VH MFG., Inc., has the answer to all of your agricultural equipment parts needs.

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Poly Tech Stubble Striker

Protect your tracks or tires from today’s tougher hybrid stalks. Poly Tech developed the Stubble Striker to be the lightest unit on the market. At 22 lb. per row they are 50% to 60% lighter than other models. The Stubble Striker Features a 10-in. wide by ½-in. thick Poly Last™ UHMW shoe mounted to a flexible spring and brackets using simple pin locations and polyurethane bumpers for easy height adjustment. The shoe assembly easily flips up for transport.

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Lankota® Stalk Stompers

Designed for durability and versatility, Lankota’s patented Flip Up Mount Stalk Stompers are guaranteed to save you time and money.

  • The Stalk Stomper Shoe is 11-¼ in. wide and constructed of ¼-in. thick steel with fixed holes for height adjustment.
  • Offering the only patented flip up mount on the market for easy transport and storage of Stalk Stomper Shoes.
  • Stalk Stomper Shoe is set 1 in. off the ground and equipped with heavy-duty torsion springs to control down pressure.
  • An optional ¼-in. poly is added for additional base longevity, quickly and easily attach by using bolts, not rivets.

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AirFLEX by Honey Bee — Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Ok, so maybe it’s not that fast, but it’s pretty close. Covering more acres in less time, this cutting-edge flex table features sensors and a responsive air suspension that allow the header to shave closer to the ground than anyone else. The AirFLEX contours the cutterbar over almost any terrain and excels in wet and difficult conditions, putting more crops in the bin and more money in your pocket. Perfect for soybeans and all other crops. AirFLEX, lightweight, fast and built to last.

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