These days, the Monday edition of the No-Till Insider Daily e-newsletter contains a motivational quote to help kick off the week on a positive note. I know I, for one, can always use a little inspiration!

The quotes come from any number of sources, including Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series of books, Einstein, the Bible, Bille Jean King, and many, many more. This past Monday, June 10, however, the quote was from own editor, Frank Lessiter, and it states: "Use your head for more than a hatrack."

It's great advice, to be sure, and one of our readers, Hank Huber, spotted it and shared how he considers going no-till to be a great example of "using your head."


In his Facebook post he states "Here is a using your head moment. My dad (John Huber) send me this picture this morning. We have 30 acres of alfalfa new seeding each year. We hand pick all the rocks bigger than you're first. Back when we were doing tillage it usually would take 3-4 days with 3-5 people to pick 30 acres, getting a loader bucket full every round or two. We switched to no-till 5 years ago. This morning my dad, 70 years old, picked 30 acres by himself in less than an hour, with just him and one 4-wheeler."

I think we can all agree — going no-till is definitely using your head for more than a hatrack!