Helena Agri-Enterprises has introduced four innovative products developed to protect and enhance yields at the 2019 Commodity Classic — America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show — in Orlando, Florida. The new product lineup for 2019 includes Orbix, Zypro, Fastand and Seed Shield Max Beans. As each year brings unique challenges for growers, the need for new technologies to protect crops and maximize inputs increases.

“Last year, growers across the United States experienced a challenging season, including significant issues with soybean seed quality,” notes Patrick Ewan, Director, Helena Products Group Brand Management. “At Helena, our priority is to help growers succeed by providing them with innovative products that produce better performance and greater returns, even under challenging circumstances and environments.”

Orbix, Zypro, Fastand and Seed Shield Max Beans deliver growers a true performance edge, and represent the next evolution in Helena products. Today, our diverse line of products offers growers comprehensive, precision-formulated solutions for maximum results, from seedling to harvest. 

Orbix is a foliar nutritional that provides growers with stronger, higher-yielding crops by activating the plant’s natural defenses and providing critical crop nutrition with ENC Formulation Technology.

Zypro is a soil amendment that provides customers with protected, consistent enzymes to maximize their fertility program by utilizing VersaShield Formulation Technology.

Fastand is a hopper box seed treatment that provides corn growers with convenient packaging and increased yield by incorporating SAR Technology with a fluency agent.

Seed Shield Max Beans is a seed treatment that provides soybean growers with best-in-class disease and insect management with increased yield potential by utilizing superior components.  

To help growers choose the right Helena products for their operations, Helena offers cutting-edge services such as The Helena Acre and AGRIntelligence. Through The Helena Acre, growers work with Helena representatives to create customized programs to help increase yields, productivity and profitability. It is supported by Helena’s AGRIntelligence services, which utilize technology and field intelligence to help growers make the best agronomic decisions for their crops.