No-Till Farmer has announced the themes for the 23 specialized No-Till Classroom Sessions that will be held at the 2019 National No-Tillage Conference, January 8-11 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Classroom session

Specialized No-Till Classroom Session 

Leading these intensive, in-depth classroom sessions are several experienced no-tillers and agricultural experts from a variety of backgrounds. These interactive sessions are designed to provide efficient and effective solutions to no-till challenges, as attendees will not only hear useful information but also have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers to their most pressing concerns.

The first set of classroom sessions will be held during Wednesday’s program and focus on 6 topics:

  1. Putting Manure in its Place Without Making a Mess of No-Tilled Fields
  2. Winning Waterway Construction and Maintenance Strategies to Help No-Till Systems Work Efficiently
  3. Putting More Money in Your Pocket with a Diversified No-Till Operation
  4. Tips for Better No-Till Planter Adjustments and Operation
  5. Spring Strategies for Building Soil Health with Cover Crops and No-Till
  6. Using Advanced No-Till Seeding Methods to Protect Soils and Improve Soil Health

A second set of 6 classroom sessions will be held during a Thursday morning session and focus on these topics:

  1. Applying the Principles of Process Improvement to Your No-Till Farm
  2. Making Cover Crop Interseeding a Success Rather than a Lofty No-Till Goal
  3. 5 Ways to Speed Up the Payoff for Your No-Till System
  4. Leveraging Data and Benchmarks to Develop a More Profitable No-Till System
  5. Turning Aerial Scouting into a Powerful Tool for No-Till Management
  6. Using Watershed-Scale Cover Crops to Keep More Nutrients on No-Tilled Fields

A third set of 6 simultaneous classroom sessions will be held Thursday afternoon and focus on these topics:

  1. Yield-Robbing No-Till Pests to Protect Against in 2019
  2. Cows on Cropland: How Grazing Synergies Boost Yields and Soil Health
  3. Using the Whole No-Till Toolbox to Manage Nitrogen with Precision
  4. How Soil Disturbance Disrupts Your No-Tilling Efforts
  5. The Importance of Nutrient Cycling and the Pitfalls of Poor Soil Fertility
  6. Breaking Through Yield Barriers, Soil Health Issues with Long-Term No-Till and Gypsum
Classroom session 2

Specialized No-Till Classroom Session 

A fourth and final set of 5 classroom sessions will be held Friday morning and focus on these topics:

  1. Finding New Opportunities Raising Non-GMO Crops in a No-Till Environment
  2. Optimizing No-Till Yields Through Pinpoint Phosphorus Placement
  3. Tackling Challenges, Seizing Opportunities With a One-Pass Organic No-Till System
  4. Reducing the Hype, Knowing Your Limits with New Soil Health Tests
  5. It’s All in Your Mind: Overcoming Mental Stumbling Blocks to Adopting No-Till and Cover Crops

In addition to the classroom discussions, the 2019 National No-Tillage Conference will feature powerful, groundbreaking general sessions from experienced experts and an abundance of no-till ideas and strategies during 81 interactive and informal No-Till Roundtables. These Roundtables are designed to provide attendees an opportunity to network and exchange ideas for tackling no-till challenges face to face in a more informal environment.

Check out the full NNTC agenda here to learn more about the classroom sessions and other sessions that will be featured during this 4-day, one-of-a-kind learning experience. Just as important is the chance to profit from unlimited hallway networking with the most innovative, forward-thinking minds in no-till during this January event in Indianapolis!

A discounted registration rate of $339 is available through December 31, 2018, offering a $30 discount off the onsite rate of $389. Registration can be made online or by calling (262) 432-0388 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., CT Monday-Friday.

Returning for the 2019 event is the National No-Tillage Conference Spouse Program, providing attending spouses with the opportunity to network, learn and socialize through numerous activities throughout the course of the conference. View the Spouses Program activity schedule here or by calling (866) 839-8455 or (262) 432-0388.

Thank you to our sponsors for helping us put on the upcoming 27th annual National No-Tillage Conference in Indianapolis: Ag Leader, Case IH, Montag Manufacturing, Equipment Technologies, Exapta Solutions, Inc, KB Seed Solutions, Fennig Equipment, Needham Ag Technologies, Martin-Till, Titan International, Yetter MFG, Syngenta, and Precision Planting