Agrotain International announces it has developed three new formulations for the 2010 growing season as part of the company's ongoing sustainability initiative. The effort produced higher concentrated formulas that reduce packaging, freight, handling and storage needs.

Agrotain controls volatility losses of nitrogen into the air by inhibiting the urease enzyme in the soil. Agrotain Plus does the same for UAN, but also controls denitrification, or the tying up of nitrogen in the soil, and leaching of nitrogen.

Agrotain contains a higher concentrated liquid formula with a rate reduced from 4 quarts per ton to 3 quarts per ton or 2 quarts per ton of UAN to 1.5 quarts per ton of UAN. The company says this new, more condensed formula will make blending easier and faster while reducing the quantity of bulk handled and stored.

Agrotain has a new dry option for blending in urea for easier handling and application. It's also the highest concentration formula of Agrotain as it reduces the amount of product used by 67%. It takes 3 pounds of Agrotain Dry to treat a ton of urea compared to 4 quarts of the original Agrotain liquid formula. It was available on a very limited experimental basis in 2009, with commercial quantities available for 2010.

The granular form of Agrotain Plus EZ Flo makes it easier to pour and mix. Designed for use in bulk handling systems, it also quickly suspends in liquid nitrogen. While the rate remains the same at 15 pounds per ton of UAN, the increase in product density allows a one-third reduction in the space required for storage.