Amity's 2250 Air Cart is a multi-use air cart that can be used with air drills, planters, chisel plows and strip till applicators. The 225 bushel compartment is made with non-corrosive stainless steel that will not deteriorate with exposure to sunlight and does not sweat like plastic, making it the ideal choice for fertilizer application.

Amity's 2250 Air Cart has can be equipped with passive steering to follow planters and strip till units, precision active steering for in crop cover seeding or side band fertilizer in standing crop to preserve top soil throughout the year. Built with an ISO compliant ground drive or variable rate meter, the Amity 2250 Air Cart easily adapts to the tools its user already has and various applications. The shut off slide isolates the meter from the tank for flexibility. The meter rolls can be easily changed for specialty applications. The Amity 2250 Air Cart has an optional 10 inch auger for loading.

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