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In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Yetter Manufacturing Co., we welcome Neal Kinsey’s discussion examines the findings of seven soil samples from various geographic regions, soil types and crop rotations.

He tells us how to best interpret the sample results so that you can balance nutrients and achieve maximum yields with properly applied inputs.

Neal will also dive into the importance of lime to correct calcium deficiencies and how magnesium is the key to nitrogen utilization. 

Using real-world soil reports from his lab he’s explained several nutrient imbalances and what steps can be taken to resolve excesses or deficiencies, whether it’s in heavy clays, sandy loams or something in between.

To follow along click here to view Neal Kinsey's powerpoint presentation of "Finding and Fixing Nutrient Imbalances in No-Tilled Crops."







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No-Till Farmer's podcast series is brought to you by Yetter Farm Equipment.

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