Salford Group is releasing the Ferti-GO 4S — a planter mounted, granular, on-board fertilizer applicator. The Ferti-GO 4S is available for order from Salford's Valmar and Salford dealers.

The Ferti-GO 4S features a single product hopper, available for mounting on many planter models, with variable rate metering and 4 section control. The hopper has a standard capacity of 4 tons, with the ability to reach a capacity of 6 tons with optional hopper extensions.

"The metering system of the Ferti-GO 4S, which is currently featured on the ST Series and other Salford's Valmar equipment, has been well liked by our customers. With this metering system, the Ferti-GO 4S allows producers to feed fertilizer to their openers or application coulters accurately at rates low enough to apply in-row pop-up fertilizer. With flexible roller options and a range of application rate abilities, the Ferti-GO 4S can also accurately meter banded starter fertilizer," said Salford's senior product manager, Brad Baker. 

The metering system of the Ferti-GO 4S has been tried and tested across the Salford-Valmar product line, including in the ST Series. This metering system, paired with the Venturi Air Manifold System, is known for its accuracy, ease-of-use, simple cleaning, and a range of application rate abilities.

Salford 6700 spreader"The name Ferti-GO 4S represents the product's abilities — Ferti, representing fertilizer, G, representing granular, O, representing on-board, and 4S, representing its 4 sections," said Salford's marketing manager, Anson Boak. “Though our current ST Series already offers producers a variety of granular fertilizer application options, we wanted to add to our lineup a unit with the ability to apply either in-row pop-up or banded starter fertilizer — while also offering the ease of maneuverability that comes with a planter-mounted unit. 

“With its established and accurate metering system, paired with its ease of use and customized mounting, the Ferti-GO 4S is a great option for producers looking for a simple but effective solution."

Mounting legs are available for common late model planters that are designed to carry on-board nutrient systems. By mounting directly on the planter, the Ferti-GO 4S saves producers from difficulties with road transport and maneuverability in field .

Like all of Salford's Valmar dry fertilizer application equipment, the Ferti-GO 4S features innovative precision control technologies to ensure the most accurate delivery possible. The Ferti-GO 4S offers a number of features to help customers see a direct return on their investment, including (but not limited to):

  • Roll-Tarp cover which allows for large open top for filling with a tender truck
  • Comes rate-control ready with metering, fan speed sensors, PWM flow control and bin-level sensing
  • Variable-rate metering with 4-section control
  • Optional ISOBUS compatibility to follow prescription maps
  • Weigh scales available

See the Ferti-GO 4S and more of Salford's new products (to be announced), at National Farm Machinery Show in the South Wing in Salford's booth 8566.