By Dwight Lingenfelter


Coyote 3.67SE (mesotrione [Callisto] + s-metolachlor [Dual II Magnum]; groups 27 and 15 herbicides; UPI) and Harness MAX 3.82SE (mesotrione [Callisto] + actochlor [Harness]; groups 27 and 15 herbicides; Monsanto) are comparable product premixes and will serve a similar utility. These will primarily be used post in field corn to provide some foliar and extended residual activity on annual broadleaves, especially for weeds like Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, and some residual activity on annual grasses. Neither of these are effective on existing grasses, so they will likely be tank-mixed with glyphosate or other effective herbicides.


Authority Supreme 4.17L (sulfentrazone [Spartan] + pyroxasulfone [Zidua]; groups 14 and 15; FMC) is not yet registered for use but should be soon. It will be applied pre in soybean and have activity on both annual grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Flumioxazin (Valor) is a popular active ingredient in many soybean herbicides today. It will also be in three newer products, Fierce MTZ, Panther Pro, and Valor EZ which are all currently available.

Fierce MTZ 2.64SC (flumioxazin [Valor], pyroxasulfone [Zidua], and metribuzin; groups 14, 15, and 5; Valent) is a soil-applied premix herbicide for control of many annual grasses and broadleaves.

Panther Pro 4.23L (flumioxazin [Valor], imazethapyr [Pursuit], and metribuzin; groups 14, 2, and 5; Nufarm) also is a pre herbicide premix that controls many different types of annual weeds.

Valor EZ 4SC (flumioxazin [Valor]; group 14; Valent) is a new liquid formulation of flumioxazin and will have the same utility as the dry form and primarily controls broadleaf weeds including marestail and Palmer amaranth.

Corn and Soybeans

Elevore 0.57SC (halauxifen-methyl; group 4; DowDuPont), sometimes referred to as Arylex active, will be primarily used in burndown programs. It is a new plant growth regulator herbicide similar to 2,4-D and dicamba but is not a new mode of action. Elevore has better activity on marestail than 2,4-D but similar to dicamba but has a limited control spectrum otherwise so it will need to be tank-mixed with other burndown herbicides. One of the main use issues is that it must be applied 14 days before planting of either soybean or corn which may limit its utility on our area.

EverpreX 7.62E (s-metolachlor [Dual Magnum]; group 15; DowDuPont) is a single active ingredient of s-metolachlor and will likely be tank-mixed with glyphosate and other herbicides for residual control of Palmer amaranth, watherhemp, and several other weeds in conventional or Xtend soybeans. It can also be used in corn and several other crops.

Zidua SC 4.17L (pyroxasulfone only; group 15; BASF) is simply a liquid formulation of pyroxasulfone and will have the same use as the dry formulation and it controls many annual grasses and broadleaves.

Wheat and Barley

Dimetric EXT 75WDG (metribuzin; group 5; Winfield United) received a 24(c) supplemental label in wheat and barley to control ALS-resistant common chickweed in the Mid-Atlantic region. In the past, Glory 75WD herbicide (ADAMA) had a supplemental label for this utility but now has expired. Now that Dimetric EXT is registered, it can be used to control problem winter annual weeds in wheat and barley.

Quelex 20.4WDG (halaxifen [Elevore] + florasulam; groups 4 and 2; DowDuPont) is a premix and is currently labeled in wheat, barley, and triticale for control of many common broadleaf weeds. It can be tank-mixed with other herbicides to improve the weed spectrum or mixed with PowerFlex or others for grass control.

Talinor 1.77EC (bicyclopyrone + bromoxynil [Maestro/Buctril] plus a crop safener; groups 27 and 6; Syngenta) is a premix for broadleaf weed control in wheat and barley. Bicyclopyrone is one of the active ingredients in Acuron and has activity on certain annual broadleaves and a few grasses. It can be tank-mixed to broaden control spectrum. It is currently labeled for use.

This article exempts new label modifications for Extend Soybean products and New Enlist Crops. Find more on those products in future articles.