From hard concrete surfaces to softer soils, Titan International's Goodyear R14 Tire is designed to perform in a variety of conditions and applications, without the need to change out tires. The line is available in both Low Sidewall Technology (LSW) and conventional sizes, including LSW340/70R28, LSW460/75R38, 340/85R24 and 460/85R34. Its continuous arc bar angle shape is inspired by the premium Goodyear OPTITRAC R-1W line. Titan’s MXL E3/L3 element down the center of the tire provides superior wear and outstanding performance.

Another feature that adds to the versatility of the R14 is its high lug-to-void ratio, which makes it a great choice for hard surface applications, while the lug is designed for cleaning and traction in softer soils.

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