Needham's Carlisle spoked narrow gauge wheel assemblies come complete with the Needham Ag long life, 3 inch green urethane tire. These urethane tires have been proven to last many times longer than rubber tires, especially in short soybean or cotton stubble. The assemblies fit all John Deere single disc openers and most other drills and planters that use 16 inch diameter gauge wheels, mounted with a 0.625 inch or 16 millimeter bolt.

The spoked assembly allows wet soil to escape without plugging the gauge wheel which often happens with solid gauge wheels. The ductile iron triple spoke center is held against the wheel halves with nine bolts for excellent strength.

The Carlisle includes a bearing socket and the 5203 PEER SeedXTreme long life bearing. This design eliminates the need for a separate hub and eliminates any play between the bearing and wheel halves over time. This is especially important for growers who are planting in rocky soils, which often accelerate the wear around the bearing within the wheel halves.

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