The Pentair-Hypro 3378 Cleanload Max Large Capacity Eduction System increases spraying productivity by allowing farmers to pre‐mix chemicals and quickly load their sprayers.

The Cleanload Max features market-leading eduction rates and superior meltdown of flowable powders. Farmers can customize a system to meet their needs by using multiple Cleanload Max, standard Cleanloads and auxiliary components to facilitate bulk transfer. The low, ergonomic working height of the Cleanload Max contributes to operator safety and comfort. Easy access handles for the bypass system are integrated into the design to limit strain on the operator.

The 3378 Series Cleanload Max Eduction System is available with a 40 or 60 gallon tank. Bypass plumbing options include a 2 or 3 inch bypass plumbing block using an 11 or 16 millimeter educator or no bypass plumbing. The bypass plumbing blocks are also available separately.

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