After a decade of research, Grassland Oregon has received a US patent for its extreme conditions cover crop: FIXatioN Balansa clover. This extreme cold tolerant clover will allow farmers and producers in extreme environmental conditions by rooting deep enough to withstand sub-freezing temperatures at minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit with zero snow cover, the company says.

FIXatioN prides itself on being able to produce more than 300 pounds of nitrogen and 5 tons of dry matter in a single growing season due to its late maturity, according to the company.

“FIXatioN is later in maturity. This extends the growing period resulting in larger forage yields and pounds of nitrogen fixed,” says Jerry Hall, director of research. “The hardy clover has a deep tap root system with roots reaching depths of 36 inches – effectively loosening soil to help with drainage and infiltration better than many other cover crop species.”

FIXatioN has proven its operational needs for diverse climates in North America.  Its crucial importance for a higher cold tolerance clover will extends its reach geographically, also serving as a tool for greater biomass yields in areas where cold is not an issue, the company says.

“FIXatioN is an excellent choice for a wide range of operations in diverse climates seeking the benefits of nitrogen outputs and root systems of cover crops,” says Hall.