With a 1,000-bushel grain tank, the Tribine Combine can make many field rounds without stopping and unloads at over 500 bushels per minute. It may eliminate the need for a tractor and grain cart in many operations.

The Tribine features just two tracks per field pass and full-time, all-wheel drive. Center articulation and crab steering makes the machine nimble with a turning radius less than most other combines today. Current models are equipped with twin 9.0-liter Cummins engines with continuous 590-650 horsepower, without the addition of DEF.

With a 500-gallon fuel capacity integrated into the harvester, the Tribine can operate for 24 continuous hours without refueling. The Tribine carries grain in the rear module, allowing for more room directly behind the cab for a revolutionary cleaning and threshing system design. With up to twice the cleaning area of any other harvester, these features produce separation, cleaning and very high throughput. The dual-engine design ensures dedicated power is always available to run these systems in the highest of yields and toughest of conditions.

For more information, please visit www.Tribine.com.