Innoquest the designer and manufacturer of sensors and measurement instruments, has released the Digital SpotOn Soil Compaction Meter. Created for farmers and agronomists, the new digital meter automatically displays the maximum compaction value and offers a range of 0-825 PSI.

“The SpotOn Soil Compaction Meter is easy to use, displaying measurements as soon as the probe is extracted from the soil,” says Bill Hughes, president of Innoquest. “It also has a rugged design and rubber protector for repeated use in the field.”

Measurements are recorded in PSI or kPA, showing compaction severity with a green, yellow or red code. The digital meter accurately measures soil compaction within 15 PSI and has a usable probe length of 30 inches. The digital meter is waterproof and can be shipped anywhere in the world — because it’s digital, cabin pressure will not affect it.

The SpotOn Soil Compaction Meter features a hard tool steel cone that lasts for years. Its electronic force sensor eliminates changing the cone size to improve resolution and assures accurate compaction values even in soft soils. In addition, the stainless steel shaft is marked every 4 inches for easy depth reference.