Groundwork’s Rootella products are pure mycorrhizal inoculants, 100% natural and highly effective. 
Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic relationship between 90% of all plant species and fungi. The microscopic fungi latch onto plant roots and effectively extend them in an underground web. They physically access nutrients that are out of the root’s reach and chemically break down unavailable, bound nutrients, especially phosphorus. Mycorrhizal inoculation by application of Rootella products restores the mycorrhizal balance and significantly improves plant nutrient uptake.

This provides a wide scope of benefits to farmers: 
* Significant crop yield increase
* Fertilizer savings (especially phosphorus)
* Resilience to stress (e.g. drought, salinity, acidity)
* Eco-friendly

Rootella has demonstrated double-digit yield increases in corn, soybean and in other row crops and vegetables. They are 10-100x higher in concentration than most competitive mycorrhizal inoculants which enables high enough efficacy to enable effective seed treatment application.

Rootella products are available in a wide variety of formulations. For more information, please visit