This page lists material that supplements the January 2017 issue of No-Till Farmer.

Making No-Till Corn Work

After seeing the damage caused by tillage on his home farm in Austria, Eduard Zehetner decided to try no-till on his Hensall, Ontario, farm in the early 1990s. While he was able to make no-till soybeans and winter wheat work, no-till corn was a struggle.

(Supplement to the article “Canadians See Success with Multispecies Covers, Interseeding” on Page 10.)

Ron and Ethan Neises

In this video, Ron and Ethan discuss why they switched to no-till practices in 1996 on their 2,600-acre operation near Belle Plaine, Kan., and the different components they’ve added to their John Deere 7200 planter that include Dawn row cleaners and Dawn Curvetine closing wheels.

In this video, no-tiller Ron Neises discusses the fertilizer spreader he built using an old spreader box off an Ag Chem unit, a truck axle, combine tires and other equipment and technology as he uses the machine to spread urea, lime, potash, mono-ammonium phosphate and di-ammonium phosphate.

In this video, Ethan Neises talks about the switch to a Hesston WR9760 swather with RazorBar technology and how it helped them double their alfalfa production per hour over the previous Hesston model with a sickle head.

(Supplements to the article “Switch to No-Till Saves Soil, Boosts Nutrient Efficiency” on Page 12.)