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Additional winners from the AE50 awards

John Deere F4365 High Capacity Nutrient Applicator


The F4365 High-Capacity Nutrient Applicator features a dual C-channel frame and parabolic leaf springs and shocks that provide a 30% better ride quality than the leading competitor while reducing operator fatigue and improving machine reliability. The CommandView III cab with the new Generation 4 CommandCenter display is tailored to dry application operators to make setup, operation and adjustments easy to complete. The Final Tier 4 9.0 liter engine with 400 peak horsepower coupled with the Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) allows spread speeds up to 30 mph and transport speeds up to 46 mph. Multiple dry spinner spreader options are available, allowing variable-rate spreading of up to four products. Paired with the 4 Series Sprayer line-up and the latest technologies from John Deere, including AutoTrac, John Deere Section Control, JDLink, Wireless Data Transfer, and AgLogic, the F4365 can maximize productivity throughout the spreading season.

John Deere, Moline, Ill.

Acclima TDR-315L Low Power Consuming Digital Time Domain Reflectometer/Soil Condition Sensor


The TDR-315L is an integrated, waveform digitizing, true time domain reflectometer that uses high-speed electronics to bring this device down in price by about 25% from its predecessor, and up to 20 times less than it competitors. It has also halved its predecessor’s power consumption. This device accurately measures soil water content (even in saline soils out to 4 dS/m bulk EC), soil temperature, soil (bulk) EC and soil pore water EC. The TDR-315L is a SDI-12 compatible sensor, which makes it a critical component for logging soil water content in SDI-12 moisture monitoring systems. It will work with numerous third-party SDI-12 data loggers as well as with Acclima’s own DataSnap data logger. This newer and more accessible technology will have profound ramifications for researchers and farmers alike in terms of learning how to save water and fertilizers while increasing crop quality and yields, the company says.

Acclima Inc., Meridian, Idaho

Forest Concepts Crumbler M24ci ChipMuncher


The Crumbler M24ci ChipMuncher machine is an industrial pilot-scale rotary shear designed to process up to two green tons per hour of raw biomass into precision, flowable particles for producing energy pellets, biochemicals, biofuels and other bioproducts. Size reduction by hammer milling, the previous industry standard, requires the inefficient drying of biomass to less than 10% MC because it does not work with high-moisture feedstocks. The Crumbler M24ci is unique in that it processes feedstocks with moisture levels ranging from 10% to more than 80% using very low energy and without the need to pre-dry. PLC controlled, the Crumbler can economically process a variety of raw materials, including wood chips, corn stover, switchgrass, bamboo, sage and others into highly uniform particles down to 2 millimeters in size that can optimize conversion efficiencies.

Forest Concepts LLC, Auburn, Wash.

SpectroCLick AAH-300b Absorption/Reflectance Visible Spectrometer


The AAH-300 is a visible spectrometer coupled to a cloud back-end to allow ad hoc measurement of minor and trace chemicals of importance in agriculture for screening purposes. Personnel trained at the point of use, employing QR-coded reactant packets synchronizing human, instrument and data reduction activities, can screen for environmental, economic or yield-enhancing materials using an instrument that is fundamentally rugged and inexpensive because many functions previously achieved through precision hardware are now performed in software. While the current product provides absorption and reflectance spectrometry with a dedicated camera, the technology should easily transfer to smartphone cameras, further reducing cost and enhancing portability. Applications include optimizing fertilizer use to control costs and environmental impact, detecting the levels of desirable bioconstituents and screening for toxins, impurities or contaminants. Data is automatically archived in the cloud, establishing a chain of custody while maintaining confidentiality.

SpectroClick, Inc., Champaign, Ill.

John Deere MaxEmerg 5e Planter Row Unit


The MaxEmerge 5e row unit uses a single electric motor to control John Deere’s MaxEmerge 5 seed meter with the traditional seed tube offered on many planters at a lower price than ExactEmerge. MaxEmerge 5e row units include many features found on ExactEmerge, such as curve compensation, vacuum automation, SeedStar 3 HP, and RowCommand. In addition, MaxEmerge 5e row units allow many options to be factory installed that used to require time-consuming installation by the farmer or dealership. These options are all integrated into the SeedStar 3 HP monitoring system and include individual row hydraulic downforce (IRHD), pneumatically controlled row cleaners, SeedStar Mobile and more. With SeedStar3 HP and MaxEmerge 5e, farmers can run their planters statically to tune the meters before working in the field. MaxEmerge 5e planters also support JDLink, allowing remote diagnostics to keep farmers in the field during the ideal planting window.

John Deere, Moline, Ill.

Oxbo 9220 Coffee Harvester


The Oxbo 9220 Coffee Harvester is a completely redesigned machine based on a previous successful version. The machine now has a taller picking tunnel to accommodate the plantation-style trees now common in the coffee industry. The capacity of the lower conveyors has increased 25% and the capacity of the elevators has increased 100%. The plastic bucket elevators have been replaced with simpler paddle elevators. The cleaning system, adapted from proven vineyard technology, is new to the coffee industry and demonstrates more efficiency and capacity than previous designs. The large on-board storage bin can unload on the go, another new concept for the coffee industry. These features allow the Oxbo 9220 to harvest faster and produce a cleaner product than previous models. Growers have commented that the coffee is easier to process due to less trash in the fruit, and operator comfort is improved with the new air conditioned cab.

Oxbo International Corp., Lynden, Wash.

Irrigation Assn. Tree Drip Calculator

Tree Drip Calculator

Tree Drip Calculator (TDC) is a soil physics-based tool for designing and operating drip irrigation systems for trees. Previous design guidelines were manufacturer-specific and based on empirical data; this tool is based on USDA-ARS soils data and specifications of ANSI/ASABE Standard S623 and guides the designer in fully specifying design parameters, including emitter flow rate, emitter spacing, emitter placement and run-time. Run-time must enable the system to meet crop evapotranspiration and wetted area requirements and not lead to deep percolation. TDC guides the designer through complex interactions of design parameters, soil type and run-time, giving the designer operational results of particular parameter selections. TDC warns the designer if certain design conditions are not met. TDC helps the designer specify the system, and guides the irrigation manager in system operation.

Irrigation Assn., Fairfax, Va.

John Deere 500D Draper Platform


The 500D Draper Platform is a new addition to the John Deere windrower product line. This family of products is compatible with W235 and W260 self-propelled windrowers and allows farmers to use the same traction unit for both rotary and draper heads. Farmers can switch between rotary and draper heads on a single traction unit in 30 minutes or less. The 500D is available in three models: the 25 foot 525D, the 30 foot 530D and the 36 foot 536D. These products are engineered for high-performance reliability, and all header functions are controlled with the Hydro Handle in the cab. The 500D Draper Platform enables greater productivity through center-driven belts and uses hydraulic pump control logic to deliver a constant header speed for more uniform cut quality and windrow formation. An improved reel increases durability in heavy crop conditions and includes quick-replace reel teeth.

John Deere, Moline, Ill.

New Holland T7 Heavy Duty Enhanced Engine Brake


The T7 Heavy Duty features an enhanced engine brake system designed to absorb additional kinetic energy when compared to a conventional design. Dissipating energy with an effective engine brake reduces the burden placed on the tractor axle or trailer brakes, especially while descending long gradients. When activated, the engine’s electronic control unit cuts the fuel injection and closes a valve in the exhaust manifold. The resulting backpressure generates a negative torque. This is increased significantly on the T7 by using the electronic variable-geometry turbocharger to automatically maximize the manifold pressure. Additional braking effect has been added by incorporating a new variable-pitch cooling fan into the system. The fan vane angle adjusts when the brake is used to deliver maximum airflow, increasing the energy required to rotate the fan. The combined effect generates up to 140 horsepower of braking effort from the engine brake system.

New Holland Agriculture, New Holland, Pa.

AGCO Opti-Ride Active Cab Suspension


The Opti-Ride Active Cab Suspension system benefits from the use of components commonly used by premium truck manufacturers in their cab suspension systems. Massey Ferguson has adapted these proven components for use in agricultural conditions for the MF 6700S Series. The conventional spring and damper unit, as used in mechanical cab suspension systems, has been replaced with dampers that are controlled by proportional electro-magnetic valves. These valves are controlled electronically and take into account the travel speed, acceleration and braking as well as the chassis size of the tractor. The Opti-Ride Active Cab Suspension system is thereby able to compensate for different operating conditions, such as in-field vs. road operation, and when taking corners.

AGCO Corp., Duluth, Ga.

John Deere 5G Series Tractor for 2017


The new 5G Series tractors offer a variety of configurations to maximize productivity in constrained environments. For narrow row crops, viticulture and orchards, the 5G delivers 75-100 horsepower within a minimum operating width of 39 inches, coupled with a turning radius of 11.9 feet. The Intelligent Power Management option senses when the tractor is being used for heavy PTO work and delivers up to a 9.9% power boost to improve productivity. For improved efficiency, the Economy PTO option allows a 15% reduction in engine speed for light PTO work, yielding reduced fluid consumption. The 5G offers a rear hitch lift capacity of up to 4,400 pounds, a 29% improvement compared to the prior 5EN model. The 5G is also one of the first products for the specialty crop segment that fully meets Tier 4 Final emissions requirements, with all after-treatment devices fully enclosed.

John Deere Seeding Group, Moline, Ill.

Sukup Zero-Entry Commercial Paddle Sweep


The Zero-Entry Commercial Paddle Sweep is a grain unloading machine that sweeps grain from large bins without requiring the operator to enter the bin. The sweep’s A-frame design provides horizontal rigidity that prevents the sweep from bending as it moves through grain and vertical rigidity that allows use in deeper grain. The A-frame design also helps prevent stalling in the event of a grain avalanche. Vertical loads on sweeps in large bins may exceed 5,000 pounds per square foot, requiring tremendous design strength to endure such heavy loads. There are three major benefits of this product: safety is vastly improved because the sweep is operated entirely from outside the bin, its patent-pending design allows it to be used in deeper grain than other sweeps, and its paddles provide a cleaner sweep than machines using augers, thus saving on labor costs.

Sukup Manufacturing Co., Sheffield, Iowa

John Deere TruSet Tillage


TruSet Tillage now allows producers to benefit from expanded functionality with documentation and prescription features. Documentation of a tillage pass now provides producers a historical record of jobs performed by mapping implement data of tool depth or pressure based on GPS location. With this information, producers can analyze the impacts of a job performed on their fields, enabling them to make decisions on their next pass. Prescription functionality will give producers the capability to pre-map the settings for a tillage machine, ensuring that operations are executed correctly based on location. Both the documentation and prescription aspects of TruSet can be performed on up to four functional areas, depending on the implement. These two additions to the TruSet Tillage system allow producers to optimize their crop production cycle and maximize return on their tillage investments.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

Sinclair Print on Demand


Sinclair Print on Demand allows packinghouse customers to print produce labels at the point of application and thereby reduce multiple label inventories and improve packing efficiency. The Print on Demand system prints GS1 DataBar codes, PLUs, fruit variety, lot numbers, and any combination of images or data that uniquely identifies attributes associated with loose produce. The previous requirement for multiple label designs is reduced to a single design with variable data printed in a blank area. Direct thermal print technology integrated with precision stepper motor control and Sinclair’s bellow application technology provides exceptional print quality while maintaining high label application rates. With the largest portfolio of label shapes, sizes and features in the produce labeling industry, Sinclair Print on Demand meets all of the industry’s labeling needs. In addition, Print on Demand complies with all relevant food contact legislation, including the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Sinclair Systems International LLC, Fresno, Calif.

John Deere 2230 Field Cultivator


The 2230 Field Cultivator enables producers to efficiently flow residue, leave a smooth seedbed and cover more acres per day. These implements operate at depths of 0-5 inches and come in floating hitch or Level-lift frame configurations, including a new 5 section Level-Lift frame. The floating hitch maintains consistent depth while traveling over uneven ground, while the Level-Lift is designed for flat or gently rolling terrain. Operators can cover up to 217 more acres per day than with the previous model thanks to 8% wider working widths of up to 69.5 feet, 25% faster working speeds of up to 10 mph and no daily maintenance. Each rear harrow in the ProFinish Leveling System is compatible with all implement configurations and rolling baskets have full hydraulic control. Compact transport dimensions are provided with the 50 foot Level-lift model that tightly folds to 14.5 feet high by 14.3 feet wide.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

AGCO MTS Maxx Ride Suspension


The MTS Maxx Ride feature adds ultra-high capacity shock absorbers to the class-leading and industry-exclusive Mobil-Trac system. Today’s Mobil-Trac system offers the softest track suspension on the market for a two track tractor. This is a key differentiator for the Challenger line of track tractors. However, with a soft ride can come negative side effects, such as excessive pitching and unwanted movements of the machine and implement. The use of ultra-high capacity shock absorbers delivers an unmatched harmony of ride and control in a track suspension system. As a result, MTS Maxx Ride maintains soft track suspension while limiting unwanted movements of the machine. MTS Maxx Ride dampens excessive pitching motion, allowing the operator to feel more comfortable in the field and have more control on the road. MTS Maxx Ride is available on both the MT700E and MT800E series of tractors.

AGCO Corp., Duluth, Ga.

John Deere 2330 Mulch Finisher


The 2330 Mulch Finisher enables producers to efficiently size and flow significant amounts of residue and leave a smooth seedbed. Operators can cover up to 127 more acres per day than with the 2310 Mulch Finisher thanks to 22% wider working widths of up to 56 feet, 3 inches. Working speeds of 10 mph and no daily maintenance provide additional efficiency. The 2330 Mulch Finisher features a Level-lift hitch that provides level performance at depths of 0-5 inches. The ProFinish Leveling System includes multiple enhancements across 6 rear harrow options for superior residue handling and leveling performance depending on customer preferences. Coil-tine harrows feature a knock-down tine configuration on the front rank for superior leveling plus tool-free adjustability. The round-bar or flat-bar rolling baskets both feature adjustable hydraulic down pressure with in-cab control. Larger radial tires provide up to 42% bigger footprint for higher floatation and improved durability.

John Deere, Moline, Ill.

Case IH 4400 Series Corn Head Stalk Roll Spirals


The Case IH 4400 Series Corn Head Stalk Roll Spirals are a significant product change that dramatically improves the harvesting capability of the corn head. This spiral technology has been designed to work in concert with the other feeding elements of the corn head row unit to ensure that all of the corn plant is processed and no corn kernels are left behind. The smooth and gradual introduction of the crop to the auger flights, combined with the specifically designed height and pitch of the auger flighting, ensure that all stalks, even when they are lying on the ground, are moved smoothly and gently into the stalk rolls for processing. This feature will be available as standard equipment on all 2017 Case IH 4400 Series rigid and folding corn heads built in Plock, Poland, and can be used on all Case IH combines.

Case IH, Racine, Wis.

John Deere C850 Commodity Air Cart


The John Deere C850 Commodity Air Cart increases productivity by seeding more acres per hour with increased accuracy and technology integration. The 850 bushel capacity is provided by four tanks optimally sized to maximize the number of acres seeded between fills. The AirPower 2 dual-blower air system accurately delivers high rates of commodities across the widest drills on sloping terrain while maintaining productive seeding speeds. Individual tank scales and the new ActiveCal system make it easy to calibrate the metering system. A cart-side display provides information on tank scales and tank pressurization and enables cart-side calibration control and bag weight entry. A 100 bushel per minute belt conveyor, large tank lids, hydraulically powered stairs, and spacious platforms reduce seed and fertilizer tendering time and effort. The C850 combines these and many more software and hardware features in an accurate and integrated seeding solution.

John Deere, Moline, Ill.

Case IH Auxiliary Alternator Automation on Early Riser 2150 Front-Fold Planters


Case IH Early Riser 2150 Front-Fold Planters now feature Auxiliary Alternator Automation, the first hydraulically driven, auxiliary alternator drive system that uses smart technology to match electrical power generation with demand to minimize hydraulic flow requirements. The need for onboard electrical power varies due to planter size, configuration, target population and ground speed. The new smart alternator drive system auto-detects the machine size, configuration, and components of the system that require electrical power and then uses the target population, ground speed and work status to set the proper Auxiliary Alternator operating speed. In this way, operating efficiency and power demand are matched for optimal hydraulic power efficiency, resulting in reduced cost of operation. Until now, auxiliary power systems have been sized and driven to constantly supply the highest electrical demand possible for a given machine, resulting in increased fuel consumption when maximum power is not required.

Case IH, Racine, Wis.

Case IH Extended-Wear Rotor Inlet Transition Cone on Axial-Flow 240 Series Combines


The new extended-wear rotor inlet transition cone on Case IH Axial-Flow 240 Series combines provides farmers and custom-harvest operators with a robust harvesting component that has nearly three times the expected wear life of the original cones and is included in the base combine. While being able to handle ever-higher throughput and capacity, modern combines are challenged with the wear that comes with harvesting crops with high rates of material other than grain (MOG) and more abrasive crops such as rice. The cone transitions the linear flow from the feeder house to a helical path before entering the threshing chamber. The new extended-wear cones are manufactured using a marquench heat treatment process that makes the steel even more resistant to abrasion and wear, saving customers expensive downtime and repair/replacement costs. The extended-wear cones are standard equipment on all Axial-Flow 240 Series combines, including models 7240, 8240 and 9240.

Case IH, Racine, Wis.

Case IH Rowtrac Carrier System on Riser 2160 Rowtrac Front-Fold Planters


The Rowtrac Carrier System for the new Case IH Early Riser 2160 Rowtrac Front-Fold Planter represents an industry first, three-axis steerable track solution for a planter to provide increased flotation and a smoother toolbar ride vs. wheeled carriers. The Rowtrac system is the only towed-implement track undercarriage that is pivotable about three major axes for pitch, roll and yaw movement, thereby allowing the track system to be steered while it simultaneously undulates to follow terrain changes in both the pitch and roll directions. The system allows for equal +/-23 F steering motion while simultaneously allowing the track belt to follow the ground contour without impacting steering angle changes. Depending on the planter row spacing configuration, operators may choose the Rowtrac Carrier option with either 88 or 120 inch centers and with either 18 or 24 inch belt widths.

Case IH, Racine, Wis.

New Holland CX/CR Combine with Everest 20 Leveling System


New Holland CX/CR Combines with the Everest 20 Leveling System give operators a new way to experience flagship combine technology in extreme hilly conditions. The I2J Everest 20 Leveling System is a stand alone kit that converts the harvester from a standard combine into an expert hill climbing machine, while providing the advantages of operator comfort and harvesting capacity. To achieve self-leveling of the combine, the system commands each traction wheel separately by means of a hydraulic cylinder. Together with a dual-axis inclination sensor, the machine is kept level with a closed loop control algorithm during lifting and tilting, which in turn keeps the combine stable during harvest operations in all circumstances. This greatly improves the combine capacity due to optimized cleaning, threshing and feeding while providing operator comfort, machine stability and safety on steep sideslopes. Operators can manage the system with a user-friendly interface in the cab.

CNH Belgium N.V. & I2J Solutions, Zedelgem, Belgium & St. Sulpice, France


John Deere AutoTrac Vision & AutoTrac RowSense


John Deere AutoTrac Vision and AutoTrac RowSense guidance systems provide assistance to AutoTrac that enables the sprayer to follow the actual planted crop row in post-emergence applications. RowSense keeps the sprayer tires between the rows during late-season application, while Vision guides the sprayer during early application. The two solutions allow operators to spray up to 15% faster in-row while reducing operator fatigue over manually driving, resulting in greater productivity and increased versatility. For producers, the systems keep the wheels in the row up to 30% better than manually driving, reducing crop damage. Advanced camera imaging and processing units and tactile sensors are used for sprayer position identification. The new systems work with vehicle auto-steering system, complementing existing GPS-based positioning system by providing accurate relative location to crop rows. AutoTrac Vision and RowSense have proven to meet customers’ needs for spraying performance.

John Deere, Moline, Ill.

New Holland IntelliBale ISOBUS Class 3 Tractor and Baler Automation for Roll-Belt Series Round Balers


The New Holland IntelliBale ISOBUS Class 3 Tractor and Baler Automation system provides automated control of the tractor stop, bale wrap and bale ejection cycles on New Holland Roll-Belt Series round balers. The system reduces operator fatigue by eliminating repetitive arm and leg movements that are normally required to control the tractor and baler functions. Productivity is improved by optimizing the tailgate raise and lower cycle times for each bale automatically. Using ISOBUS communication protocol, the baler sends commands to the tractor that control the tractor stop, wrapping of the bale with net wrap, and activation of the tractor hydraulic remotes to raise and lower the tailgate, without requiring any inputs from the operator. The IntelliBale option is compatible with ISOBUS Class 3 equipped New Holland T6 and T7 Series tractors with AutoCommand continuously variable transmissions and with T7 Series tractors with PowerCommand full powershift transmissions.

New Holland Agriculture, New Holland, Pa.

CNH Industrial SmartTrax with Flex Technology for New Holland CR Combines


SmartTrax with Flex Technology for New Holland CR Combines gives producers a new, economical way to experience the benefits of using tracks as an alternative to tires. This optional equipment offers an alternative to traction tires to reduce ground compaction and improve operator comfort. The track units use the same triangle design and ground-following behavior as the New Holland SmartTrax with Terraglide suspension system, yet cost considerably less due to the new design using rubber strut suspension rather than hydropneumatic suspension. Operators choosing SmartTrax with Flex Technology can ride comfortably and safely at road speeds up to 19 mph and benefit from a 60% reduction in ground compaction compared to combines with tires. Double-hinged rollers in the tracks maximize the contact surface between track and ground and reduce stress on the track belt and roller, resulting in longer belt life.

CNH Industrial Belgium N.V., Zedelgem, Belgium