[Webinar] Maximizing Nitrogen & Other Nutrients in Cover Crop Systems



Scott Wohltman

Scott Wohltman

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While no-tillers have taken the lead in the surge of cover crop usage during the past decade, the question remains whether they are taking advantage of those cover crop species that can help them either produce or scavenge nutrients to gain some efficiencies and cost-savings with applied fertilizers. 

This event, which was brought to you by La Crosse Seed, the distributors of Soil First Cover Crop Seed, provides insights into cover-crop practices that can lead to better nutrient utilization.

The presenter for the event, Scott Wohltman, a Certified Crop Advisor and agronomist with La Crosse Seed, helped provide an understanding of the following about cover crops:

This event is brought to you FREE courtesy of:

  • How much nitrogen (N) can be fixed by cover crops and when it’s available for the next crop
  • How and when to terminate cover crop legumes to maximize N production/mineralization
  • How inoculants work and why they are important
  • How nutrients help utilize cover crops for forage

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

This FREE webinar was brought to you by No-Till Farmer and La Crosse Seed & Soil First Premium Cover Crop Seed.

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