By Jerry Goodson,
Oklahoma State University Extension Assistant

As we move further toward crop maturity and harvest aid applications, growers are encouraged to assess their fields, and keep an eye on the forecasts. Good  temperatures are needed to maximize ethephon based boll opener product  effectiveness.

Also, when one considers forecasters’ discussions of the El Nino situation, producers need to be aware that early harvesting could be very important in 2015. Many field weathering studies have indicated the overall value of early harvesting.

Delayed harvesting can result in increased leaf contamination, higher bark incidence, shorter staple, reduced fiber uniformity and negative impacts on fiber strength, just to name few.

Crop maturity determination is critical for a successful harvest-aid program. Premature crop termination has been shown to reduce lint yield, seed quality, micronaire, and fiber strength.

Harvest-aid chemicals cannot increase the rate of fiber development. Only additional good growing weather including open skies and adequate heat units, combined with functional leaves, can mature cotton bolls.

For a handout that helps explain the rate of crop maturity for the Altus vicinity, click here.