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Spectrum Premium Genetics™

Spectrum Premium Genetics™ is a brand of exclusively Non-GMO seed corn distributed by Spectrum Seed, a seed corn company based in Linden, Indiana. Farmer owned and operated, Spectrum is committed to offering choice and product diversity in an era of seed industry consolidation, and redefining hybrid performance, sustainable crop protection and economic return for farmers. Spectrum Premium Genetics™ is the result of a thorough, decade-long proprietary research program dedicated to breeding, hybrid evaluation and on-farm producer trials. Spectrum offers positioned elite products for U.S. corn producing areas ranging from less than 90 days to over 115 days relative maturity.

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eMerge Genetics

eMerge is the only non-GMO seed company focused from the farmer to the end use of grain. Soybean varieties developed by eMerge Genetics add value to farmers due to high yield with exceptional defensive traits, strong emergence and the feed and food products made from them. In most areas, premiums are paid to growers producing varieties with higher protein and improved digestibility for feed and food products. eMerge corn hybrids are bred for versatile conditions, including no-till, so farmers reap the benefits of high yields and lower seed costs. Check out our 2015-16 Seed Guide under the Products link.

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