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Spectrum Seed Delivers Premium Non-GMO Corn

Forward thinking. The Spectrum non-GMO message of using top-performing corn genetics alongside sustainable management is now reaching corn growers across the country. Our premium non-GMO brand is now sold in 36 states! Our 2015 lineup includes 25 robust non-GMO hybrids ranging from 82 to 117 days. Discover how 50,000 native corn genes determine top-end yield potential — not a handful of GMO traits that can often double the cost of seed. If you’re concerned about pest management, there are many ways to effectively and sustainably protect yield from insects and weeds, including new rotational concepts and herbicide chemistry.

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eMerge Genetics More Than Just Seed

eMerge is the only non-GMO seed company focused from the farmer to the end use of grain. Soybean varieties developed by eMerge Genetics add value to farmers due to high yield and the feed products made from eMerge-variety grain. In most areas, premiums are paid to growers producing varieties with higher protein and improved digestibility for aquaculture, swine, poultry, pet foods and those suitable for human food ingredients. eMerge corn hybrids are bred for versatile conditions, including no-till, so farmers reap the benefits of high yields and lower seed costs. Check out our 2014-15 Seed Guide under the Products link of our web site.

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