The new BroadAxe XC herbicide from Syngenta gives growers more flexibility for soybean, sunflower and dry pea weed control programs.

BroadAxe XC is an herbicide combination with two different modes of action that is ideal for weed resistance management programs.

BroadAxe XC herbicide will expand the geography where Syngenta soil residual herbicides can be applied in soybeans, sunflowers and dry peas. It will provide these crops with pre-emergence herbicide activity and multiple modes of action against a broad spectrum of weeds.

"BroadAxe XC herbicide has the capability to maximize yield potential through early-season weed management and long-lasting residual control," said Don Porter, herbicide technical lead at Syngenta. "It is a valuable addition to the Syngenta herbicide portfolio."

BroadAxe XC herbicide provides broad-spectrum residual control of key broadleaf weeds, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, morningglory, kochia, lambsquarters, Russian thistle (including glyphosate-, ALS-, and triazine-resistant populations) and annual grass weeds.