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SprayMate Plus from Micro-Trak Systems, Inc.

The SprayMate Plus is compact, yet still packed with all the powerful rate control and calculating features you’ve come to expect from Micro-Trak. It is built to fit farmers’ changing needs with flexible system options like PWM control and three-way section valves, and includes several special new features that ensure quick valve response to changes in vehicle motion and to minimize disappointing under-applications. Valuable console data is secured by using the “Supervisor Lock-Out” feature to prevent deletion of critical calibration figures and data.

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Ag Leader's Hydraulic Down Force System

Ag Leader's Hydraulic Down Force system ensures seeds are planted at the proper depth by instantly adjusting to changes in soil types. That means consistent emergence across the field. No "ramping" effect experienced with slower-responding air bag down force systems. The system's dual channel control allows down force to be set differently for planter wings and the center section of the planter where soil compaction is common.

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Yetter 2940 Air Adjust Series

The 2940 Air Adjust Series allows a parallel-linkage residue manager or coulter residue-manager combo to independently adjust up-and-down pressure creating the ideal “ride.” The in cab controller allows for quick adjustments from your cab with the touch of a button controlling five programmable settings and other functions. Yetter offers a complete compressor assembly with a 20 gallon tank or a pneumatic hydraulic control kit that allows you to use a new or existing hydraulic compressor. Pictured are the 2940 in-cab controller and the ISOBUS option that controls all functions for the 2940 Air Adjust Series.

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Precision Planting FieldView™ Plus

All your information. Anytime. Everywhere.

To FieldView’s snapshot of what happened in the cab, add the ability to tap into that, share it, compare it, amplify it, simply. That’s FieldView™ Plus.

It operates in the cloud, remotely, securely. Your maps, yield comparisons, test results, everything you need to analyze past decisions and make better decisions in the future.

Upload and download anywhere. Maps, shape/boundary/config files, FieldScripts®. Grant access to others who need to know. See automated reports on what’s happening in the tractor or combine. Synchronize multiple iPads. Create a website customized just for you. That’s FieldView™ Plus.

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Orthman GPS Ready Tracker® IV and Shadow Tracker® Implement Guidance Systems

The Orthman GPS Ready Tracker® IV and Shadow Tracker® Implement Guidance Systems were developed to provide industry-leading GPS precision implement guidance. The unmatched precision of both systems, teamed with well-known Orthman durability, results in the most advanced GPS implement guidance systems in agriculture. Both systems are supplemental components that are able to be utilized with most row crop implements and are compatible with John Deere and Trimble GPS guidance systems. Both the GPS Ready Tracker® IV and GPS Shadow Tracker® Implement Guidance Systems seamlessly guide implements to provide unprecedented lateral accuracy.

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Loup II Drill Monitor

The Loup II Drill Monitor is the best monitoring solution for drills, air seeders and strip till applications. Get 95% or better accuracy with soybeans and experience significant savings. Direct readout for Seeds per Acre, monitor up to 32 rows of population, 192 rows of blockage, shaft RPM, bin levels and much more. The user friendly menus allow up to three of these functions to be displayed simultaneously. See how much you could be saving, contact Loup Electronics at 1-877-489-5687 or email

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2014 Apache Sprayer from Equipment Technologies

Equipment Technologies has a keen focus — a ruggedly simple, dependable and profitable self-propelled sprayer. The new 2014 Apache delivers a stunningly comfortable and ergonomic cab, elevating the operator’s experience. Equipped with dashboard apps displayed on a 7” interactive color touchscreen, you are in total control. Swipe the screen to track performance information, set two different cruise control speeds, and monitor your critical precision elements — all with the touch of a finger. Our customers tell us they get more for their dollar with an Apache, and the Apache does all they want, and more.

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