Finals Voting Launches For 2014 No-Till Product Of The Year Awards Program


BROOKFIELD, Wis. (Nov. 9, 2014) — Voting is now open for the Finals of the 2014 No-Till Product of the Year program.

Voting is open to growers only! For the final vote, growers may select from among 13 products the one they think is most valuable to their farming operation or no-till in general.

Vote Now! For taking 5 minutes to vote, we will select three no-tillers to win free registration ($359 value) to the 24th annual National No-Tillage Conference in 2016!

Individual product category winners and the overall 2014 No-Till Product of the Year winner will be announced in the Winter 2015 issue of No-Till Farmer's Conservation Tillage Guide and will be recognized at an awards ceremony on Friday, Jan. 16, at the 23rd annual National No-Tillage Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.


For casting a vote recently in the preliminary round, 20 no-tillers will receive a No-Till Farmer short-sleeved shirt. Winners include:

  • Max Allsup, Mitchellville, IA
  • Randy Aberle, Gibson City, IL
  • Todd Woods, Perry, OK
  • Todd Kahrs, Wauseon, OH
  • Dan Keller, Defiance, OH
  • John Werries, Chapin, IL
  • Richard Brenneman, Quarryville, PA
  • Charles Magathan, Cedar Point, KS
  • Tom Seitter, Marion, OH
  • Shawn Boeder, Iron Ridge, WI
  • Dan Diaz, Lena, IL
  • Kris Reynolds, Nokomis, IL
  • Grant Corley, Westphalia, KS
  • Harry Schirding, Petersburg, IL
  • James Gaylord, South Fulton, TN
  • Dave Ferguson, Columbia City, IN
  • Hayden Olson, Northwood, IA
  • Blake Anderson, Groton, SD
  • Allen Dean, Bryan, OH

Last year, the Tillage Radish from Cover Crop Solutions won the overall Product Of The Year prize for the second consecutive year and was also the top vote-getter in the cover-crop seed category.

Here is a list of 2013 award winners by individual category, along with honorable mentions:

  • Fertility/Soil Amendments: Agrotain, Koch Agronomic Services. Honorable Mention: NutriSphere-N, SFP; Gypsoil, Beneficial Reuse Management.
  • Fungicides: Headline AMP, BASF. Honorable Mention: Quilt Xcel, Syngenta; Stratego YLD, Bayer CropScience.
  • Insect Protection: Herculex XTRA, Dow AgroSciences and DuPont Pioneer. Honorable Mention: Warrior insecticide, Syngenta; Genuity SmartStax, Monsanto.
  • No-Till Planters/Drills: John Deere 1770NT Planter. Honorable Mention: Kinze 4900 Series Planter, Kinze Mfg.
  • Planter/Drill Attachments: Keeton Seed Firmer, Precision Planting. Honorable Mention: 1360 Floating Row Cleaner, Martin Industries.
  • Precision Tools: 20/20 SeedSense, Precision Planting. Honorable Mention: EZ-Guide 500, Trimble; Versa/Integra Display, Ag Leader.
  • Residue Management: Stalk Stompers, May Wes Mfg. Honorable Mention: 5000 Stalk Devastator, Yetter Mfg. Co.; BT Chopper/Crusher Stalk Rolls, Calmer Corn Heads.
  • Seed Treatments: CruiserMaxx Beans, Syngenta. Honorable Mention: Poncho/Votivo, Bayer CropScience.
  • Spraying Equipment: 4940 Self-Propelled Sprayer, Deere & Co. Honorable Mention: Apache 20 Series, Equipment Technologies.
  • Strip-Till Equipment: Zone-Stripper, Unverferth Mfg. Co. Honorable Mention: Blu-Jet StripTill Systems, Thurston Mfg. Co.
  • Weed Control: Sharpen herbicide, BASF. Honorable Mention: Liberty herbicide, Bayer CropScience; Halex GT herbicide, Syngenta.
  • Fertilizer Application Equipment: Totally Tubular starter fertilizer tubes, Totally Tubular. Honorable Mention: 2987 Magnum fertilizer applicator, Yetter Mfg. Co.
  • Cover Crop Seed: Tillage Radish, Cover Crop Solutions. Honorable Mention: Bounty Annual Ryegrass, Bio Till/Saddle Butte Ag.