Seed Hawk has announced plans to begin work on two separate expansions to their facility in Langbank, Saskatchewan. In June, they will break ground on a 15,000 square foot addition to their manufacturing shop. Work on a second, larger 81,000 square foot addition to their manufacturing shop will begin in January 2014.

These expansions are part of a long-term plan for growth that will allow Seed Hawk to serve their growing global customer base. A previous two-part expansion, completed in 2011, tripled their production capabilities, and the 2012 addition of a 15,000 square foot testing facility is proving its worth through improved quality control.

Seed Hawk partnered with the Swedish agricultural manufacturer Väderstad-Verken AB in 2006. The relationship has given both companies access to new agricultural markets. Seed Hawk has grown in popularity in Europe, the former Soviet block and Australia, where arid conditions have increased interest in zero-till machines. Seed Hawk’s plans to expand their facility will ensure they can supply these new markets and while serving the growing North American market.

Pat Beaujot, President of Seed Hawk and one of the company’s founders, remarks on the expansion plans. “One of the things we have learned from our partners at Väderstad is to plan an expansion every year, and if something changes, we can amend the plan,” Beaujot said. “With all that’s going on – like adding a number of Väderstad’s products and sales growth in the Seed Hawk line – we need to keep expanding. Now, we have a three-year expansion plan that takes us into 2016.” Expanding the complex in Langbank will allow Seed Hawk to carry and assemble more of Väderstad’s products. It will also provide the space necessary to support a new corn planter and expand their lineup of zero-till seeding solutions.