Case IH announced the pre-launch of its first sprayer drone as a complementary solution to the company’s portfolio. The company will import and distribute the Vtol in two models, 30 litres and 70 litres, in Brazil to all its concessionaries. The price of the drones will be published with the introduction.

“The pre-launchment marks this important partnership with one of the largest and most renowned companies in the spraying drone segment, XAG. In addition to the quality of the manufacturer, there is Case IH’s approval, which means all our quality standards and after-sales support”, comments Christian Gonzalez, vice president of Case IH for Latin America.

The Case IH Spray Drone might be available to the Brazilian market as of the second half of this year directly in the brand’s dealer network across the country. According to the brand, there are plans to expand the product´s distribution soon to the rest of Latin America and the Pacific, regions with greater demand.

‘Replace Sprayers’

Mainly aimed at small and medium farmers, the drone can complement or even replace sprayers in certain situations. The drone presents versatility for spraying and distributing solids, in addition to excellent application quality, uniformity of drops, and greater penetration into the plant canopy.

According to the company, this occurs thanks to the transport of the droplets to the target generated by the movement of their propellers. Among the advantages of the Case IH Spray Drone is the possibility of use in areas with irregular topography, where a heavier sprayer would have difficulty entering. On land with smaller plots, the drone also has an advantage over the long booms of a self-propelled sprayer.

Autonomous Flight Plans

Another highly recommended use for this equipment is after rain, avoiding, for example, jamming of the sprayer/tractor, crushing of the crop and soil compaction. Another advantage is the drone has autonomous flight plans and only requires one person to monitor, change batteries and refuel.

“We see that the drone market is expanding greatly in the country, so it is another option to meet the needs of our customers. We currently offer three lines of self-propelled sprayers, one of which is specific to the needs of sugarcane fields,” adds Gonzalez.

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