Strip-tilled corn and soybeans yielded approximately $5 and $26 more per acre, respectively, than conventionally tilled corn and soybeans in onfarm research conducted in Iowa this past year.

Ag students at Iowa Central Community College (ICCC) in Fort Dodge strip-tilled and conventionally tilled 110 acres of corn and 110 acres of soybeans. They planted Channel Bio 2551R and Pioneer 92M76 soybeans on May 10. Channel Bio 205-99 STX and Pioneer P0461XR corn hybrids, as well as Pioneer 36V79 for the 22-acre refuge, were planted by April 19.

The corn was sprayed on May 25 and the soybeans on July 10. Rain prevented a second herbicide application on the soybeans. Following a rainy spring and summer, the soybeans were combined on October 5. Corn was harvested on October 14.

There was no yield difference between conventional-tilled and strip-tilled corn and soybeans. However, there were differences between the two soybean varieties and the two corn hybrids.

The strip-tilled corn was approximately $5 more profitable per acre, and the strip-tilled soybeans were $26 more profitable per acre than their conventionally tilled counterparts.

The ICCC students will continue to test strip-till versus conventional tillage to eliminate the effects of weather, as well as differences in soils and weed pressure, between the two tillage methods.