Climate FieldView customers are gaining access to new features, including the ability to evaluate the performance of crop protection products and fertility applications more efficiently and transparently.

One of FieldView’s most used features, Field Region Reports, helps farmers analyze seed performance and management practices in specific regions of their fields. After harvest, farmers will have the opportunity to analyze yield by application when using the feature. Whether evaluating a field trial or seeking to understand a yield-limiting factor for an area within a field, this latest enhancement aims to bring greater performance transparency to applied products like herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers. Available after the U.S. harvest within the FieldView app on iOS, additional enhancements to this new feature are expected later this fall.

“Making it easier to tabulate and analyze results helps our customers validate their input decisions, giving them confidence that translates into higher ROI and stronger operations," says Brandon Rinkenberger, Head of Global Customer Experience and Enablement for Bayer’s Crop Science division and Chief Customer Officer at Climate LLC.

Building on new reporting capabilities announced earlier this year, farmers can now generate Yield Analysis reports, export them as a PDF or CSV file, and share them with whoever they choose directly from their FieldView app on iOS. Users can also access all reporting capabilities from a centralized home screen in the app.

New capabilities in the FieldView Cab app — such as improved seed drill compatibility, better cloud sync, and the ability to create tillage maps — support greater efficiency of field activities and the adoption of regenerative practices across farm operations.

Many farmers are paying attention to emerging carbon credit markets and are interested in programs that can reward them for the regenerative agriculture practices they use to raise a crop. ForGround by Bayer is a new platform for U.S. farmers that offers payments and other incentives to U.S. farmers expanding or transitioning to reduced tillage or cover crop practices. Farmers can use their FieldView account to enroll in ForGround for free, providing access to a team of sustainable systems agronomists and discounts and rebates from input and machinery providers.

Along with streamlined enrollment, FieldView is making it easier for customers to participate in ForGround. Now after inputting tillage type, depth and coulter angle in their FieldView Cab app, farmers using a FieldView™ Drive can identify precisely when and where a tillage implement is lowered or raised, and they can generate a live map that displays the tractor’s path, tillage depth, and acreage tilled. This new feature also allows them to track and compare fuel used during the tillage operation. The fuel usage maps will be available on other activities in the coming releases.

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