Due to the high cost and limited availability of commercial fertilizers over the past few years, we have largely focused on recycling valuable nutrients from crop residue. However, there are lots of other benefits from accelerating your residue decay program, including faster soil organic matter formation, fewer problems with planting and emergence, and improved weed and disease control. Over time, farmers have asked us many questions related to these other dimensions of the residue decay process, and this webinar will provide practical answers to these common questions.

Midwest Bio-Tech has been involved in promoting biological activity on farms for over 40 years. Their experience began on the family farm in northern Illinois, and the company now works with customers throughout most of the US. Over the years, they have learned many valuable lessons about the role of soil biology in managing crop residue decay.

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About the Speaker

Doug MillerDoug Miller is the vice president and agronomist of Midwest Bio-Tech. Before starting Midwest Bio-Tech, Inc., in 1981, Doug and his father, Jim, spent 4 years testing biological crop products on their farm in northwestern Illinois. They have been helping other farmers get a biological boost to their bottom line for 40 years.

This is the 11th webinar that Doug Miller has presented with No-Till Farmer