Syngenta is forming Syngenta Biologicals, which brings together Valagro, the biostimulants and specialty nutrients company it acquired in 2020, and its in-house biologicals business. Since the acquisition, both companies have worked closely to build a joint foundation in science-based innovation.

“Establishing the Syngenta Biologicals brand marks an exciting milestone in the evolution of our business, giving us a single identity and formalizing our one-team approach in the market," says Corey Huck, Global Head of Syngenta Biologicals. “This move reinforces our strategy of providing farmers with more complementary product and technology choices, and underpins our determination to be the collaborator of choice, and to make agriculture more sustainable."

Backed by its R&D pipeline and commercial capabilities, 6 production sites globally and more than 1,100 employees, the company says Syngenta Biologicals is well-positioned to leverage its understanding of farmers’ needs to deliver innovations in this field.

Syngenta Biologicals' portfolio includes TAEGRO, a biofungicide used against a range of major soilborne and foliar diseases; MEGAFOL, a biostimulant that helps crops manage stress; and VIXERAN, a foliar-applied biofertilizer.

In addition to accelerating its biologicals research, Syngenta Biologicals is also actively forging collaborations aimed at expanding its offers of biologicals with wide range of applications, including foliar, seed treatments, combinations with fertilizers as well as non-agricultural uses.

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