10. Discussion: What's the Best Drill for No-Tilling Small Grains?

A discussion in the Organic Grain Resource and Information Network (OGRAIN) email group started with a question about upgrading a drain grill for no-tilling fields of small grains and seeded forages, and from there, evolved into a larger conversation about other farm equipment preferences and advice. See more »

9. Regenerative Tools for Your No-Till Toolbox — Bringing Life to Your Soil

John Kempf, chief vision officer and founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture, dives into the relationship between soil biology and no-till farm management. Moving beyond the buzzwords, John shares the value of biological inputs and the changes they can bring to your soil. See more »

8. Reducing Fertilizer Costs Starts with Your Soil: Roundtable Discussion

In this roundtable discussion, Holganix President of Agriculture Dave Stark Ph.D. sat down with regenerative ag consultant Nick Vos,and John Weseman to talk about how they have improved fertilizer efficiency while improving crop yield. See more »

7. Aftermarket Closing Wheels Consistently Boost Bushels

The April edition of Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR) on planter attachments shows the use of popular aftermarket closing wheels can result in an extra 5 bushels of corn per acre and 2.5 bushels of soybeans per acre. See more »

6. No-Till Legend Reacts to Illinois Dust Storm Crash

In this episode of Conservation Ag Update, no-till legend Randall Reeder shares perspective on the dust storm crash in Illinois that was caused by extreme winds blowing dirt from tilled fields. View this story and more updates in our latest newscast. See more »

5. Near-Fatal Accident on Ray McCormick's Farm, No-Till Legend in Recovery

No-Till Farmer Living Legend Ray McCormick is lucky to be alive following an accident with his trackhoe doing tornado cleanup on his Illinois farm. See more »

4. No-Tiller Russell Hedrick Breaks 20-Year Dryland Corn Yield Record

North Carolina no-tiller Russell Hedrick made history with his 2022 harvest. Read about this milestone in our coverage from November. See more »

3. 7 Planting-Season Tips for Successful No-Till Soybeans

Three No-Till Innovators share seven spring soybean tips to help set you up for a profitable year. See more »

2. Best No-Till Planter Closing Wheels, According to Beck's PFR

Data from Beck's Practical Farm Research (PFR) indicates using the proper closing wheel provides up to a 5.1 bushel per acre advantage in corn and a 2.5 bushel per acre advantage in soybeans. The study compared five different aftermarket closing wheels. See more »

1. No-Till Legend Dave Brandt Passes Away Unexpectedly

No-till Legend Dave Brandt of Carroll, Ohio, died unexpectedly in May as a result of injuries from a severe car crash. See more »