Are you tired of dealing with crop residue problems? Or, are you looking to maximize the health of your soil? 

In this webinar, Holganix President of Agriculture, Dave Stark Ph.D. will discuss the role of soil microbes in breaking down crop residue and building soil health. 

What can you expect? 

  • The role of soil microbes in soil health and crop residue breakdown
  • Best practices for building soil health
  • How soil health can lead to improve profit per acre for the farm
  • Insights and data from university studies and Holganix studies on incorporating soil health practices.

Email Noah Newman at No-Till Farmer with any questions about the webinar.

About the Speakers

Dave Stark

Dave Stark, Ph.D.
President of Agriculture, Holganix LLC

A Ph.D. Molecular Biologist and Biochemist, Dave Stark’s past career includes leadership positions in Monsanto's technology and business units. 

He became the President of Holganix Agriculture in 2015 to lead the company's efforts in the agriculture-space including commercial development, R&D and overseeing various studies. 

Dave has 26 peer-reviewed scientific articles and holds nine patents.