While a few states sponsor soybean yield contests, Wisconsin is doing something different with this year’s event.

Of special interest to Wisconsin no-tillers is a new “planting green” yield category that is being offered for the first time this year. This category requires growers to no-till soybeans into a living cover crop without killing it prior to planting by herbicide or mechanical means. A $1,000 cash prize is offered for the top statewide yield.

The Wisconsin Soybean Association has sponsored a yield contest for a number of years with four different divisions that are based on the 2013-22 average county yields. The four divisions, which each have cash payouts of $1,000 for first place and $500 for second place, include countries with average yields of:

  • Under 48 bushels per acre
  • 48-51.9 bushels
  • 52.0-55.9 bushels
  • Over 56 bushels per acre.

In addition, the organization is offering a $500 cash award to the highest statewide yield from a first-time contestant who does not place first or second in their geographic division.

The association also sponsors a “Wisconsin 100 Bushel Club.” Each grower that achieves a 100 bushel or higher yield per acre will be inducted into this club and awarded $1,000.

Also new this year is the acceptance of measuring wheels and GPS as acceptable methods of determining the harvest area, which has to be a minimum of 3 acres in a 5 acre or larger field. Yields must be measured on a state inspected scale and the use of weight wagons for determining yields is prohibited.

Like most yield contests, this one encourages the development of innovative management practices that highlight the importance of using sound cultural practices. It also showcases grower dedication toward improving their soybean cropping operations.

Entry forms and details on the contest, which closes for entries Aug. 31, can be found at wisoybean.org/wsa.

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