When it comes to earning payments from carbon sequestration programs, one of the frustrations we hear from veteran no-tillers is that they don’t believe they can qualify due to additionality requirements. And that they’re shut out from these payments conventional farmers can receive by moving toward the reduced tillage and cover crops that no-tillers have been doing for decades or more.

However, some carbon program administrators maintain that these growers may still qualify for carbon sequestration payments by adding no-till or strip-till and cover crops on more acres; enrolling newly purchased or rented land where no-till and/or cover crops have not been used; or finding new other innovative ideas to qualify.

I’m looking for your help ... I’d like to get your thoughts on how veteran no-tillers might find ways to participate in carbon payments. Simply type a few ideas in an email to me at lessitef@lessitermedia.com or leave a comment below on how you think more no-tilers could find ways to qualify for these programs.

If I could hear from you no later than Monday, December 12, it would be great.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts on finding novel ways for veteran no-tillers to join the carbon sequestration bandwagon. Your ideas will be much appreciated for a column I’m planning to write shortly in this topic.

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