In this webinar, Soil Regen founder Liz Haney and Wayne E. Volkl of SWJ Consulting discusses the role of soil biology in improving nutrient cycling, plant health and crop production. They explore how improving soil biology and soil health through regenerative ag practices can improve the ROI of farmers.

You'll learn about the many beneficial outcomes of implementing regenerative ag practices, such as:

  1. How managing soil fertility by increasing soil organic matter and increasing biological nutrient cycling allows for a reduction in chemical fertilizers
  2. How utilizing cover crops and soil health practices improve soil structure, allowing for greater water-holding capacity and improved plant health and yield potential
  3. How regenerative ag practices minimize wind and water erosion, preventing nutrient loss and increasing fertilizer use efficiency
  4. How biological soil testing can reduce nutrient inputs on average of $30/acre, just by realizing the biologically available nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil

Watch now to learn about the principles of regenerative ag, soil testing and the use of biological inputs to jump-start the biological system.

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About the Speakers:

Wayne Volkl

Wayne E. Volkl, SWJ Consulting

Wayne is currently part owner in SWJ Consulting, a biological soil consulting company based  in eastern Iowa with consultants & clients located in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Missouri. "Our typical clients are farmers who are both commercial & organic certified. They raise a variety of commodity crops as well as organic food crops. Our emphasis is on teaching producers about soil biology and the impact of fertility on their crops. We teach and utilize the most advanced testing tools such as PLFA biology testing from Regen Ag labs, soil bacteria & fungi assessments, plant SAP testing, the use of "Structured water" and the new product called Chitosan. Formal education includes Bachelor & Master degrees in agronomy, ag business, dairy science. "Real World" education was obtained from self paced classes from Elaine Ingham as well as numerous hands on training sessions from other highly regarded industry experts. I currently am farming of which we raise high quality dairy forage."

Liz Haney

Liz Haney, Soil Regen

Liz is a soil and ecosystem scientist with experience in soil testing and analyses, carbon and conservation practice modeling, and is the co-developer of the Haney soil health test. Liz’s purpose, drive and passion are helping to improve producer profitability, environmental sustainability, and human health through regenerative practices and soil health. Throughout her career she has developed an expansive network of scientists, thought leaders, consultants, farmers and ranchers within the sustainable agriculture space. Liz loves nothing more than creating community and is skilled at coordinating and conducting educational events, workshops and conferences bringing together today’s leading innovators in regenerative agriculture. Liz is the founder of Soil Regen and a co-founder of Farmers Reserve Distillery, Regen Mills and Heritage Ground with Russell Hedrick.