Over at Modern Tire Dealer, representatives from retailers and manufacturers opined this week on how tire technologies can impact no-till success.

Dave Paulk, a manager at BKT USA, Harm-Hendrik Lange, an engineer at Continental Commercial Specialty Tires, Rick Harris, a sales manager at Global Rubber Industries, Pvt. Ltd., Greg Gilland a vice president at Maxam Tire North America, David Graden, a manager at Michelin North America, and Blaine Cox, a manager at Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America Inc. talked about how increasing equipment weight, power, and the increasing trend toward no-till all interact.

Each expert took a shot at the question "As the federal government pushes new environmental standards, farmers are now being paid to reduce tillage. How can tire technology and inflation management help?"

The answers are a collaboration with the AG Tire Talk podcast.

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