Syngenta has announced that its new preemergence soybean herbicide, Tendovo, has been registered by the EPA and will be available for use next season, pending state approvals

Growers who use Tendovo can achieve early-season weed control without compromise. The first soybean three-way premix of its kind, Tendovo provides early-season preemergence weed control, without the crop injury.

Tendovo delivers weed control against more than 70 yield-robbing weeds using three sits of action. Regardless of soybean production system, soil type or geography, yield-focused soybean growers who adopt Tendovo can achieve not only early-season weed control and crop protection, but also higher potential yield at harvest.

“We’ve seen a 4 to 5 bushel an acre advantage in field trials with Tendovo,” says Syngenta herbicide technical lead Pete Eure, in a company press release.

Across 15 head-to-head replicated trials at five weeks after emergence, Tendovo provided greater than 95% control of pigweeds and grass weeds versus competitive herbicides. In addition, those same trials showed soybean fields treated with Tendovo canopied more quickly and had better stands.

Syngenta recommends using Tendovo preemergence in a planned two-pass program. It can be followed by a post-emergence application of Sequence or Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology herbicide, the Syngenta dicamba herbicide premix.

“The trend toward earlier planting and the spread of herbicide resistance further increase the need to make a preemergence residual herbicide application, and that need will continue to grow,” Eure said.