John Deere's 8 Series Tractor MY22 Updates include a new Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) that allows for quick tire pressure adjustments from the cab — going from transport to field settings is push-button easy. When the “road” setting is selected, CTIS increases air pressure in the tires which increases transport efficiency and reduces tire wear for improved transport, ride quality and handling. When the “field” setting is chosen, CTIS decreases air pressure to create a larger footprint with more lug engagement that reduces slip and ground pressure for enhanced agronomic benefits.

New available integrated 1,000 gallon ExactRate Tractor Tanks for 8RX Tractors can be paired with a John Deere planter for a combined 1,600 gallon total carrying capacity. This solution makes it simple for farmers to apply higher rates of fertilizer while planting and cover up to 80 acres between fills (at 20 gallons/acre). Integrated intelligence includes JDLink connectivity, AutoTrac guidance, StarFire 6000 Receiver and more to enable farmers to easily benefit from a connected machine.

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